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Michael Brown // 13th December 2015

Excuse me all-mighty Internet, can I have a moment? As a smartphone user, I often take for granted the constant connection to a world of information that I have on the go, sitting in my pocket, or on my bedside table at night. Or somewhere in my bed when I wake up, let’s be honest. This 24/7 ability to access anyone, anything, anywhere has changed the way I connect with my friends and family who I want to spend time with, the restaurants I want to eat at, the businesses I want to buy from, and the brands I want to live by.

Like many I use my phone to connect with of all these, and to get to know new people, places and things, too. A study by Galaxy recently confirmed Australians are using their phones to access the internet, and do these things, more often than ever before – but in shorter bursts. It would seem in the age of 24/7 internet access on the go we have become a little impatient, maybe even a little entitled. When we turn to our phones with the intent of connecting with a brand, business or service we have come to expect immediate answers. Those that don’t deliver quickly, or as quick as their competition, don’t deserve our patronage. That friend that reads my Facebook message but doesn’t reply right away, doesn’t deserve…a candy cane with their Christmas card this year.

In fact, 81% of smartphone users said that when they use their smartphone to search, it is for information they needed immediately. Internet sessions on our phones are short, but in these moments we are willing to take immediate action too. It’s in these moments that decisions are made, and preferences are shaped. In fact, the study identified four key micro moments that every smartphone user surveyed had faced at least once in the past four weeks. 55% of smartphone users said they reached for their phone to search for more information when an unexpected situation or problem arose, categorising the ‘I-want-to-know’ micro moment. Secondly, 1 in 2 smartphone users said they used their phone to help choose a place to eat, and 63% said they used it to locate a profession service like a doctor, making up the ‘I-want-to-go’ micro moment. Thirdly are ‘I-want-to-do’ moments, where 58% of smartphone users said they searched for information or advice on ‘how to fix things’, and 87% of 18-24 year old ladies had used their phones for health and beauty advice in the past three months. Lastly ‘I-want-to-buy’ moments were identified, where 50% of smartphone users had used their phones to discover and buy new brands, while 68% admitted to searching for information about items online while they were looking at it in a physical store.

A business in 2015 must assess their online presence with these statistics in mind. Does your website adapt well to smartphone browsers, and how quickly can users access important information while on the go? Is your café’s menu easy to locate and view, and is its location easy to find on Google Maps? For those in e-commerce, how quickly and easily can users browse, select and pay, on a touch screen? Knowing the behaviour of tech savvy consumers and tailoring the experience of your business’ online presence to exploit their day to day micro moments is key to success in this era of internet obsession and impatience.


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