Planning changes for mobile phone towers

SMPerth // 09th September 2015

The planning policy that guides where mobile phone towers can be located in the community has been revised to reflect changes in technology and industry practices.

Planning Minister John Day said changes to the decade-old State Planning Policy 5.2: Telecommunications Infrastructure balanced the growing demand for telecommunications services with the community interest in protecting the visual character of local areas.

“Technology and the demand for telecommunications services have advanced beyond expectations since the policy was first launched in 2004,” Mr Day said.

“This updated policy supports the growing need for telecommunications services across the State, and balances this with the desire to protect public amenity.

“It promotes a consistent approach in the preparation, assessment and development of telecommunications infrastructure across all local governments.

“This policy endeavours to minimise disturbance of the environment and loss of amenity through the planning of telecommunications infrastructure in a responsible manner.”

The Minister said while the policy did not directly deal with the issue of coverage, it gave certainty to local governments, residents and mobile service providers, regarding decisions on the location, design and installation of telecommunications infrastructure across Western Australia.

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Source: Government of Western Australia, Hon John Day BSc BDSc MLA


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