Social media trends to follow in 2022

Following social media trends is crucial in ensuring you’re not using outdated or ineffective strategies on social media.

Every stage of the client journey requires a solid social media presence. According to research, 52% of new brand discovery occurs on Instagram, implying that this is a consumer’s first stop, even before visiting a company’s website.

Marketers must remain on top of the latest social media trends to effectively use digital platforms. Facebook and Instagram keep all social media managers on their toes by adding new features or tweaking their algorithms pretty much every week.

Plus, it seems like every day, a new social media platform launches.

Here’s a look at some of the social media trends you need to know for 2022.

Ephemeral content

Ephemeral content refers to content only available for a limited time and then vanishes; think Instagram Stories and Snapchats. People’s attention spans have shrunk in recent years, and their preferences for information consumption have also shifted, which is why the previously mentioned have grown in popularity. People can spend hours browsing through one Story after another because they are brief, entertaining, and addictive.


Videos are the future of social media content, whether short-form videos like those popular on TikTok or Stories or long-form content on YouTube. According to a Cisco study, video content will account for 82% of all web content by 2022, highlighting how critical it is to begin employing video content to remain relevant in the social media domain. If you’re not already using videos in your content strategy, now is the time and start today with a feature like Instagram Stories. Start experimenting with video on platforms where image or word materials have typically dominated.

Search engines also expand their skills by making voice and visual search more critical in 2022. It won’t be long until consumers can get a product’s information just using image uploads. Voice search will be a change-maker in social media marketing too. When search engines take social profile signals, it will be like any other search engine marketing approach when your content appears in voice or visual searching. It is essential to ensure your material is voice search-friendly so search engines can get simple signals from your profiles and provide your potential customers with relevant results.

Social communities

Although not new, it undoubtedly will become more popular than before. Social media groups are essentially brands formed to provide their customers with a networking platform. These are often private groups that others of the same thought can join to discuss their common interests. Many brands use these groups to bring together and meaningfully engage all their present and prospective customers. Members of the group can debate different subjects, exchange experiences and find answers to their issues.

Artificial intelligence

Different AI-driven solutions can provide insights into your brand’s social media content, profiles, and audience at a rapid rate. AI’s social media intelligence can help brands analyse and improve brand equity, identify consumer performance, and define target groups. In addition, social media tools driven by AI can check your scheduled social media content and then advise you what, when and where to post it for maximum engagement.

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