The Recap // January 2020

Do you know what’s happening? Our readers do!

Everyone likes to stay up to date with the latest news, no more so than those in digital marketing.

Here’s a recap of what they loved reading in January 2020.

  1. How To// Write A Great Instagram Bio – Instagram is the best photo-sharing social media channel, but having text in your bio to compliment your awesome photos is equally as important.
  2. A look into Perth’s top instagram influencers – We’ve made a list of Perth’s best Instagram influencers. Check out this post to ensure you get the best bang for your buck when working with influencers.
  3. 2020 Facts & Figures // Instagram Statistics – This is it. The ultimate list of Instagram Statistics that you need to know in 2020. We’ve scoured the web and compiled everything we could find into one complete record, full of sources.
  4. How to// Customize Your Instagram Story Highlights Cover – Customizing your Instagram Story Highlights Cover is a piece of virtual cake! Here’s the how-to for creating a thumb-stopping, on-brand highlights album.
  5. Spread the Word! 15 ways to promote your YouTube channel – When we think of social media tools best suited to grow a business we think of Facebook, right?Or perhaps, Instagram. But what about YouTube?
  6. 2020 Great Dates to Celebrate on Social – There are a ton of ‘holidays’ every month that could be providing your brand with a great piece of content. We’ve made a list of fun dates to celebrate.
  7. How to// Mention Someone in Instagram Stories – Also known as tagging, Instagram allows users to mention other users in their Instagram Stories. Not sure how to tag? Let us break it down for you »
  8. Social Media and Cyber Security Risks in 2019 – Social media has become an increasing cybersecurity risk for businesses, especially if an organisations accounts are not correctly secured or staff usage policies not enforced.
  9. 15 Digital Marketing Jokes to Break the Ice – Today we have 15 digital marketing jokes – that will not make you cringe at all… not one bit.
  10. How to Create a Facebook Event Frame, Instagram Event Geotag, and Snapchat Event Filter – A Facebook Event Frame, Instagram Event Geotag and Snapchat Event Filter are ways to let your guests promote your brand on their social media channels

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