Top 10 Global & Australian Twitter Users // September 2016

Michael Brown // 11th October 2016

It was an exciting month for Twitter as a platform with the giant finally implementing changes to the character limit. Have our Top 10 been utilising those extra characters, though? We aren’t so sure as all ten kept their positions this week, despite Justin and Twitter remaining perilously close with only 300,000 users separating the two. Can’t wait to see what scary antics Halloween brings in October!

Take a look at the stats of our Top 10 Global Twitter users for September 2016:

1. Katy Perry (@katyperry, 93,176,106)
2. Justin Bieber (@justinbieber, 88,473,902)
3. Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13, 81,040,217)
4. Barack Obama (@barackobama, 77,652,338)
5. Rihanna (@rihanna, 66,204,820)
6. YouTube (@YouTube, 64,128,120)
7. Lady Gaga (@ladygaga, 63,832,690)
8. Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow, 62,435,590)
9. Twitter (@twitter, 56,979,098)
10. Justin Timberlake (@jtimberlake, 56,681,357)

(Source: TwitterCounter)

5SOS finally did it! The band now occupies the top 2 spots on the Australian Twitter charts, with Luke sliding into second place with a convincing 100,000 follower lead over Cody Simpson. Cody has more than his new place on the chart to worry about, though, as his follower count is actually decreasing by the day. With that in mind, we predict it won’t be too long before Michael moves up and 5SOS score themselves a trifecta. Can’t wait to see what October brings for the Twittersphere in the Land Down Under!

Take a look at the stats of our Top 10 Australian Twitter users for September 2016:

1. 5 Seconds of Summer (@5SOS, 9,830,930)
2. Luke Hemmings (@Luke5SOS, 7,881,154)
3. Cody Simpson (@CodySimpson, 7,773,498)
4. Michael Clifford (@Michael5SOS, 7,276,924)
5. Calum Hood (@Calum5SOS, 6,983,200)
6. Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman, 6,861,331)
7. Ashton Irwin (@Ashton5SOS, 6,010,116)
8. Miranda Kerr (@MirandaKerr, 4,879,511)
9. Kyrie Irving (@KyrieIrving, 3,056,358)
10. Shane Warne (@ShaneWarne, 2,802,213)

(Source: TwitterCounter)

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