2020 Great Dates to Celebrate on Social [VIDEO]

When planning content it’s always best to have key dates marked in your calendar.

Great dates can provide a great opportunity for a promotion or piece of content. We’re all aware of some popular dates – Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or May 4th as Star Wars Day.

But what about the more obscure holidays? There are a ton of ‘holidays’ every month that could be providing your brand with a great piece of content. Not only do these dates provide some content inspiration, but they also let your brand engage with trending hashtags and allows you to showcase your lighter side as a brand.

We’ve made a list of weird holidays to celebrate on social media. These should help you find content during the quiet 2020 months.

You can check out a little snippet of the full-length post below!

August 8


Ah, today we don’t need an excuse to look at cat videos. If you get caught by your boss, make sure you let them know what day it is.

August 13


It’s only fair left-handed people are shown some love after years of smudging their handwriting!

August 19


If your brand is all over Instagram, make sure you put up one of your best pics today. You can even ask your followers to post a photo of them using your product or service.

September 21


International Day Of Peace of World Peace Day is an officially United Nations Holiday celebrated on September 21st every year. It is a day dedicated to world peace and the absence of war and violence.

September 30


Who doesn’t love a good podcast? Looking for some inspiration? Check out the video below to see what we’re enjoying!


What are your favourite weird holidays to celebrate? We would love to hear from you in the comments.