VIDEOS WE LOVE: Esurance Monty Flap Happy Tweeting Commercial

Fifteen minutes for a quote is old news.

This clever advertisement from American insurance company Esurance uses the immediacy of popular social media platform Twitter to get it’s point across.

Monty is a bit out of touch. He thinks that hurtling homing pigeons off the roof of his apartment building is equivalent to sending a tweet.

“Check it out..I’m sending a tweet! Tweet!”

Unfortunately, the reality is, the modern world moves a bit faster these days. Luckily, Monty’s granddaughter is a bit more understanding of the modern world and how it works.

You don’t want to be waiting 15 minutes for a reply to your Tweet, nor do you want to be waiting that long for a response for your insurance quote.

Monty might be happy with his old methods and slow replies, but being covered in pigeon poop isn’t what we’d call trending!

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