VIDEOS WE LOVE: You Are What You Share

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the dogs of Instagram posts, Tweets of food, Facebook’s cutest baby photos?

The continual abuse and misuse of hashtags, especially the ones that are always holidaying #CostaRicaVacay (ugh).

“Time to use another part of your brain.”
Brought to life by the talented Alex Gorosh

Are you frustrated that nobody listens? “Nobody cares about your tree pics”,  nobody cares about your opinions, “nobody cares!”

Do you ever think “I just wanna move to another country, where I won’t have to deal with this stuff”? Well luckily, there’s just the app for you. State. It uses another part of your brain.

This satirical take on social media by film-maker Alex Gorosh points right to the pain felt by social media users, in a world where nobody listens.

For us, as digital marketers using social media, it is vital we have a captive audience. If nobody is listening to our messages then we may as well not bother. This is why we need to take the underlying advice from Gorosh of “you are what you share” and apply it to our own posts. We have to make sure that we are being effective and standing above the crowd or risk boring our audience.

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