Here’s why it goes down in the DMs

Thinking of sliding into your client’s DMs?

It’s not revolutionary, but many businesses seriously underutilise it.

The direct message feature can add significant value to your business by engaging with the customers, reinforcing brand virtues, and creating lifelong value with each message sent.

Here’s how to use it as part of your online marketing strategy » 

Did you know that 42% of consumers expect a response on social media within 60 minutes? You can utilise DMs to provide exceptional customer support; quickly resolving the follower’s issue without them having to email your customer support team.

Collect Customer Feedback

If you’re creating engaging Instagram Story content, your follower’s will respond, with their reactions and replies going to your inbox. This feedback can be used as essential data to inform your content strategy and create a conversation with the follower.

Drive Traffic to Website

Unlike Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and countless other channels, Instagram doesn’t let you include links in posts, or share links in Instagram Stories if you have less than 10,000 followers.

A great way to work around this is to include a CTA in your captions, asking followers to DM you for the link, bringing a lead over to a sale.

Nurture Leads

Spend some time DM-ing your followers who have commented on a recent post of yours. By creating a thread where further conversation can be made, you nurture your leads and add value to their lives.

Influencer Outreach

82% of consumers say they’re very likely to follow the recommendation of an influencer they follow. You can find an influencer who resonates with your target audience and connect with them about a possible collaboration through messaging.

Reward the Engaged

Tailor the customer experience with the “close friends” option, limiting the visibility by rewarding your most engaged customers with exclusive offers and discounts.

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