14 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Page Engagement

Engagement on Facebook with your target audience is a tricky thing to coordinate.

If you can get people to interact with your account, you will have the opportunity to create positive relationships with your followers.

Starting up a Facebook page might be easy, but with falling organic reach and engagement from business accounts, actually growing Facebook page engagement can be challenging.

Here are 14 ways to increase your engagement with your fans below.


The timing of your posts can influence when your target audience sees it on their newsfeed.

Generally speaking if you post at 6pm on a Wednesday night, where your target audience will be getting home from work, you will get more views over a post at midnight as people will be sleeping.

It is all about understanding your target audience.

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Host a Contest

One way to boost likes and shares on Facebook is to host a prize giveaway.

In order for someone to win, they will have to like and share your page and post. This will boost your engagement with loyal followers as well as gain some new fans.

The Audience Needs Over Business Wants

Think about what your followers want to see rather than what you want to post.

If you just post what you want to and not what your audience wants, then a lot of your posts will go unnoticed and not many interactions will follow.

Add a Question

If you add a question to your posts, you are inviting the audience to interact with your account. This is a simple page engagement hack.

If you ask open ended questions then the engagement from your followers will be even greater as they will actually have to respond to your question rather than just a yes or no answer.

Add Relevant Hashtags

Adding relevant hashtags to your posts will drive engagement as people will be able to find your posts easier and quicker.

This also is an invite for them to use the same hashtags on their own posts as well.

Don’t Cross-Post

Don’t cross post to other social media channels. This will actually drive your engagement down.

Personalise each post for different social media channels. There is no point in writing a massive paragraph of text for Instagram; likewise, Twitter is not a photo sharing social media channel.

Relevant Posts

Don’t just post products of what you are selling – this is social media not an online retail shop.

If you sell ice-cream, instead of posting different flavours you sell, an idea might be to post about how warm the weather is and how great ice-cream will be to cool you down.

Call to action

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Call to actions posts give psychological nudges that help marketers drive their audience to respond the way that they want to.

Your audience tends to respond better if they are given a basic task to do.

A simple post along the lines of “Tag your mate in this if…” could influence your audience in a massive way.

Subway are one of the big brands that consistently do this in a great way and drive a lot of page engagement.

Cross Promotion

Start cross promoting your business with other local brands to stay engaged with your target audience.

If followers see that you are in sync with another brand that they like, it will have an influence on your account and drive traffic.

Shorten Your Posts

If your posts are too long, this might be one of the reasons your followers do not engage enough with your account.

They might not be bothered reading such a long paragraph of text every post.

Short and sharp posts make an impact as well.

Previous Posts

If one of your previous posts has gathered momentum and gained popularity, see what you did right and try to reciprocate without copying the whole post again.

It might be a picture you uploaded or a hashtag that went viral.

See what works and what doesn’t, everything is a learning experience so that you can alter your next posts to be better and gain more page engagement.

Drive traffic to your page from other sources

On your Instagram or Twitter account, talk about your Facebook account’s post and get people to investigate.

This will drive people to see what post it is that will intrigue them.

A prize giveaway or a contest is a great idea to increase page engagement.

Include media

Include pictures or videos to your posts, this will drive engagement as it is proven that if you include multimedia it will boost the amount of interaction your posts receive.

Reply back to comments

Social media isn’t a one way street – you have to reply back to the comments that you receive.

This creates trust between both parties and will keep your followers commenting on many more interactions.

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Tyson has recently graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business, majoring in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations