Facebook 101 // What is Facebook Business Manager?

In essence, Facebook Business Manager is a tool that combines Pages, Ads Manager and Power Editor, so that everything is all in one place.

But it is much much more than that.

Facebook released Business Manager in 2014 after realising that there was a missing piece for social media marketers and agencies that managed multiple business pages. Before Business Manager came along the only way to manage a Facebook business page was for individuals to connect to the page using their personal account. There was a lot of switching between accounts, accidental commenting with the wrong identity and the creation of fake profiles to get around it. You can imagine how painful managing multiple accounts would have been…Very frustrating.

Then along came Facebook Business Manager. It is now much easier for companies to manage pages on behalf of their clients by creating a central hub and allowing different permissions to be given to lots of people.

Who is it for?

If you’re managing multiple accounts (in excess of 5), or have more than three admins on your business page you will benefit from using Facebook Business Manager. Individuals managing their own business page needn’t bother with creating an account at this stage.

After adding all of your assets (Pages, Ads Manager and Power Editor) for each of your clients you can assign different permissions to your team with roles for analysts, advertisers, editors and admins. Different team members can be working on different assets, but you are able to see all the information on who is working on what, plus the performance of any ads you have running on each account.

Agencies managing the Facebook business pages for various companies can create different ad accounts for each client, manage them separately, including how they are paid and allocate their management to different team members.

Why do I need it?

Anyone who has ever managed more than one or two business pages on Facebook will know how time-consuming it is to swap between different pages and accounts. Facebook Business Manager makes it easier to manage multiple pages and other Facebook assets.

You should use Business Manager to manage your company’s presence on Facebook if you:

  • need more than one ad account
  • want to request access to Pages or ad accounts
  • need to assign permissions to people you work with
  • work with a partner or agency
  • have 3 or more admins of a Page

Features of Business Manager

  • organised – central place for all accounts
  • secure – no need for login information to be shared
  • access to Pages, Ads Manager, Power Editor
  • business and personal profiles are kept separate
  • can assign roles to people who aren’t your friend on FB
  • team members can be given different permissions – analyst, editor, admin etc
  • performance focused – insights and analytics are shown on login

For more info check out how to setup Business Manager for Facebook pages.