Facebook Likes // 10 Ideas That Actually Work

Facebook likes can be difficult to acquire.

But with time and practice, you can build the skills to increase the viewership and likes of your page and its content.

Here are 10 tactics to get more likes on Facebookglen carrie 773789 unsplash:

Have a strategy

Having a strategy is essential for any digital marketer. Make sure your posts and other uploads are scheduled. Ask yourself – who is my target audience? Am I posting content that is relevant to them? Set yourself attainable goals that you can refer to.

Create original content

People want originality. Facebook has a saturation of people and businesses. Although this means competition, it also provides an opportunity to stand out in a crowd. Try something different, and you may reap rewards.

Keep brand consistency

Although trying something different can be a success, always remember to stay consistent to your brand. Deliver your message and consistently reinforce it. That being said, make sure that original content is the priority.

But don’t over-promote your brand

You need to strike a balance between not being too promotional, but keeping a link between your brand and your original content. Users will lose interest if your brand appears more interested in self-promotion than content.

Make your page functional

When users come across your page what will they find? Make sure your content is all clear and accessible, important posts are pinned, and the description of your brand is immediately visible. This will contribute to a positive perception of your page.

Link between your social media

Making sure all your accounts are connected is important. Input a link to your Facebook on your Instagram, Twitter etc. This will give you a more significant online presence, and allow users to easily navigate between platforms to your accounts.

Engage with your followers

Make sure your page is all inclusive, and provide opportunities other than just comments for your followers to contribute. Polls, competitions, events etc. can all boost your brand presence, and give users a sense of involvement.

Use video

Video often has more reach than posts, text or photos. It is a rapidly changing medium and worth using to promote your brand. With the newsfeed auto play feature, there is a greater chance of engagement and likes.

Invite users to your page

Inviting your friends and contacts to like your page is a simple and direct way of increasing likes. Encouraging people to share the page will also do this and increase your public sphere.

Facebook insights

Linking back to the first tactic (having a strategy), incorporate Facebook insights. Insights are tremendously important in assessing your reach, engagement and providing you with the information to set goals.


Follow these tactics and you will increase your chances of boosting your likes. Practice makes perfect so keep trying and learning, and in time you will achieve your Facebook engagement goals. In the mean-time, focus on content and your brand will thrive.



Ciaran is a Media and Communications student from Perth. He has a passion for anything film or sports related, or both (Shaolin Soccer).