How to Beat the Instagram Follow Unfollow

Have you ever fallen victim to the Instagram follow unfollow? Who hasn’t right?

The Instagram follow unfollow is exactly what it sounds like – you follow an account, they follow you back, your number of followers go up, but then days later you see a decline in followers. What!?

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book on Instagram, just about everyone does it. So, how can we beat it?

follow unfollow

First of all, it’s important to remember that people doing the follow unfollow, aren’t interested in your account, your content, or you! Don’t take it personally, it’s just the truth!

We don’t want those followers anyway. We want authentic followers that’s going to lead to real engagement and real conversions.

Below we will highlight some things you can do to help beat the Instagram follow unfollow.

Lead by Example

First things first, if you’re participating in the follow unfollow method – stop! It’s getting you no where. You may see a big surge in followers when you go on a liking bender and follow 300 accounts. There’s a good chance that maybe 100 of those accounts will follow you back.

But, if you plan to unfollow most of these accounts, remember, they have the unfollow button too! It’s not sustainable and it’s the reason your account numbers are fluctuating so much.

Instead, follow the accounts that resonate with your brand and who’s content and beliefs align with yours. Follow profiles who inspire you and who’s content you are drawn too. Look at profiles that you would like to collaborate with one day and really focus on building a strong group of authentic connections. These are the people who will more likely follow you back and remain following you.

Interact With Your Followers to Build Authentic Relationships

Like any relationship, either online or offline, communication is key. Build relationships with your followers by interacting with them. It can be something as simple as saying “thanks” if someone says “great post” or something similar.

It lets people know you see them, you appreciate their support, and it makes a stronger connection between you both.

No one likes an account who feels like they’re above responding to their followers just because they have a few thousand followers. Boo!

Use a Follow Unfollow App

Unfollowers & Ghost Followers is an app that lets you identify your real friends from fake friends.

follow unfollow

The application has many features, below are some of the key features to help beat the follow unfollow:

  • Unfollowers – list of users who don’t follow you back, with search option
  • Ghost Followers (Fans) – people who follow you, but you don’t follow the back
  • Mutual Followers – users that you follow and they follow you back
  • Recent Unfollowers – users who unfollowed you in the last 5 days

Do you battle with the Instagram follow unfollow? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!