How to// Mention Someone in Instagram Stories

Also known as tagging, Instagram allows users to mention other users in their Stories.

Instagram’s latest updates also mean that users can now instantly repost stories they were mentioned in.

New to Instagram? Well let us break it down for you!

In case you’re a total newbie, let’s quickly go through the first few steps. To begin, tap the camera icon located in the left-hand corner of your home screen. Next, create your story by taking a photo, video or using the ‘type mode.’ Once you have completed your story, let the tagging begin!


There are two ways you can mention someone in your story. The first way is by using the @mentions sticker. To do this, simply tap on the sticker icon on the top right-hand corner of your screen. Tap the @mention sticker and place it into your story. Change the text to the persons’ username and voila, you have successfully tagged someone

The second way to mention someone is to type the person’s username directly into your story. Just select the Aa icon located in the top right-hand corner of your screen. Type the ‘@’ symbol followed by the username of the person, brand or business you want to mention. Instagram will display a selection of users, simply tap to confirm the correct account.


how to mention someone in instagram storyPhoto source: Instagram


@mention Sharing

At the beginning of June, Instagram introduced @mention sharing. This new update means that users can share a photo or video that they have been mentioned in, in their own story.

When someone has been mentioned, they will receive a notification in their DM thread. From there they can add stickers or text to it and repost it to their own accounts.


Instagram @mention sharing examplePhoto Source: Instagram

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