Instagram vs Snapchat: Which is the Best Fit For Your Business?

For a brand to be on Instagram is a no-brainer in today’s digital landscape but why are these top digital publishers still posting to Snapchat?

Instagram versus snapchat

It’s undeniable why you need to be on Instagram. It is a wholesome platform almost like a third website for your brand in addition to your website and Facebook page, and for many, it is quite literally the only social media presence they need for their business.

The right content on Instagram can get your business regular leads and conversion. Having a high presence/personality along with your content on Instagram is a means for excellent public relations.  Mainly because in today’s digital centered world, Instagram is a real-time portfolio of your business.

Snapchat is not as defined regarding automatic exposure. Your followers have to decide to follow you on Snapchat. And if you are posting the same content on your Snapchat stories as your Instagram Story then you most likely will not retain your followers on Snapchat.  Audiences on Snapchat demand personality and unique, entertaining content. A little like YouTube vloggers, a glimpse into your life and brands but exclusive, not curated content.

Snapchat’s smart move is the launch of the Paperclip feature which brings it head to head with Instagram. On Instagram, users have to work around the obstacle by providing #linkinbio on Instagram Story. However, users with 10,000 followers and more on Instagram can easily link custom UTM links or to their Instagram story to “Swipe Up” to a website. Snapchat provides this to all its users.

It seems as Instagram continues to focus on monopolising content among its users with its continuous updates and algorithm changes for advertising opportunities while Snapchat is taking a more global approach by letting its users enjoy the platform for its social sharing while providing news and entertainment that users are demanding.

The monopoly on advertising

The shift that Snapchat has taken in 2017 is providing an entertainment/ news based platform for its users. As it continues to develop and get more advertisers on board, it is quickly becoming the perfect combination of YouTube, BuzzFeed, and Facebook in one place – the ideal entertainment destination for news and sharing with friends.

Instagram Story Snapchat

In addition to Discover, Snapchat continues to add innovative subscriptions and “world” stories that make the platform more receptive to ads between content as opposed to advertising on your Instagram Story or Instagram.

2018 is going to be a massive chess game between Instagram continuing to utilise its audience network and Snapchat setting itself up as a growing publishing and advertising platform.


Sameera is a Social Media Strategist and Digital Content Manager. My passions lie strongly in influencer relations + digital strategy. I thrive on creating campaigns for brands and purposefully harnessing the power that influencer’s can bring to a marketing plan.