How to Add an Instagram Reels Cover Photo

Are you the Reel deal? 

Instagram Reels cover photo might sound like a strange idea, but it’s a feature you should be embracing. 

We love TikTok … Sorry, we mean Instagram Reels as much as the next guy, but the cover images that we often see on people’s profile grids are often not the best. 

However, by simply adding a cover photo to your Reels, you can maintain a perfect aesthetic harmony on your grid. 

Let’s take a look at how to add an Instagram Reels cover photo. 

How to Add a Cover Photo to Instagram Reels

Like most things on social media, adding an Instagram Reels cover photo is super easy. 

While Reels are highly engaging and a great form of content to share on the platform, they might not always look that great when viewed as a still on your profile grid. 

Fortunately, adding an Instagram Reels cover photo is a great way to make your Reels fit in with your profile’s aesthetic.

Here’s how to add a cover photo to your Instagram Reels:

  1. After creating your Reel, Create an Instagram Reel, tap “Next,” to enter the “Share” screen.
  2. From here, tap “Cover” at the bottom of your Reel preview image.
  3. You should now have to pick a from your Reel itself or upload a custom image from your camera roll. We recommend doing the latter.
Add Instagram Reels Cover Photo

Why should I upload a custom photo from my camera roll?

To put it simply, uploading a custom photo from your camera roll allows you to control everything about how your cover photo looks. This means you can guarantee your cover photo fits in with the rest of your profile grid’s aesthetic. 

Additionally, uploading from your camera roll will more often than not mean you’re choosing a high-quality image. If you want to preview your cover photo will look in your grid, simply tap on “Crop profile image”. 

Can I edit the cover photo of existing Reels? 

If your profile is filled with existing Reels with less-than-aesthetic cover photos, you might be wondering if you can update these with a fresh image. 

Well, the answer is yes! And the process is straightforward. 

Here’s how you can edit the cover photo of existing Instagram Reels: 

  1. Find the Instagram Reel you want to edit
  2. Tap the three vertical dots on the right-hand side of your screen
  3. Tap “Edit
  4. Tap “Cover” on the Reel preview image
  5. From here, either choose a new frame from your Reel or tap “Add from camera roll” or “Add from Gallery” to select a custom photo.

That’s it! You’re ready to go out and update your Instagram Reels cover photos. 

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