4 New Instagram Features You Need to Know (November 2022)

Status update. Where have we seen that before? 

New Instagram features are always being added to the platform, but the latest changes are interesting enough to get more than a few people talking. 

Social media is all about retention and keeping users on the platform for as long as possible, and that’s why most social media platforms seem to have an endless stream of new features dropping. 

While the term ‘new’ is undoubtedly being used loosely here, as most new features are simply imitations of what other platforms are already doing, it’s still important to stay updated when things change. 

Let’s take a look at the four new Instagram features you need to know in November 2022

Add music to Instagram photos. New Instagram features

1. Add music to still photos 

If you’ve been using Instagram for a while now, you’ll surely be no stranger to adding music to videos and Reels. However, thanks to a new feature, users can now add music to photo-only posts. 

The powers that be over at Instagram see value and engagement in music on the platform, but only time will tell if music translates to still images in the same way it does to video. 

2. Reels achievements 

While Reels achievements aren’t available to all users yet, it’s one of the new Instagram features designed to increase users’ time on the app. 

Like Snapstreaks, Reels achievements encourage users to try different Reels features to reach goals that unlock achievements. Think of it like gamification without actually playing a game. 

Here are a few ways you can unlock Reels achievements:

  • Collaborate with other users using Instagram Collabs or remix a Reel (Collaborator achievement) 
  • Use interactive Stickers in your Reels 
  • Use trending audio and effects in your Reel (Trendspotter achievement) 
  • Post more than none Reel in a week (Creative streak achievement) 

3. Leave a note with profile status

Have you noticed people leaving notes on Instagram recently? It’s one of the new Instagram features called ‘profile status’.  

Profile status notes on Instagram

Like a Facebook status, profile status allows users to set a status update. However, unlike a status update on Facebook, profile status updates on Instagram only stay active for 24 hours. 

4. Add a message to Instagram posts

The next of the new Instagram features is exclusive to business accounts—a handy feature for businesses looking to motivate people to get in touch with them. By adding a message button to your post, Instagram will place a button at the bottom of your posts, making it simple for people to send you a direct message.   

Add message button on Instagram

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