LinkedIn Profile Tips: 10 Ways to Keep Your Page Fresh

You may think you can create a LinkedIn profile and then forget about it. That is, until the time comes to start job hunting.

But if you really want to make sure you keep your LinkedIn page fresh, and continue to build good working relationships, you’ll want to make sure you stay active on it as a social media platform.

Many people forget that LinkedIn is actually a social media channel. It’ not just an online resume (or personal dating site, some people seem to think). You need to be active on it in order for people to ‘see’ you or remember you.

Here are 10 ways you can keep your LinkedIn page fresh.

Update Your Profile Photo

Still got that old profile picture from your university days? Time to get that updated! We’ve all got our hang ups about aging, but there’s nothing worse than meeting someone in person and not recognising them as their profile picture was from 20 years ago.

Update Your Background Image

If you’ve changed employer or industries, is there a new image you want to portray? Keep your background image a reflection of where you are in your career, not just some random picture you took of the beach looking particularly fine one day.

Refresh Your Headline

Most people read your name and immediately look at your headline. Keep it up to date and relevant. Don’t use fancy jargon (unless you want to appeal only to those that will understand it). Don’t call yourself a ninja, guerrilla or an evangelist. If it doesn’t say exactly what it is you do, people aren’t going to hand around to work it out. If you change jobs, or have a side hustle, include it in your headline.

Update Your Summary

Summaries are great for giving people a quick snapshot of what you can do. Make sure any new skills are included in it and if you’ve been working on some awesome projects, mention them in your summary. Just don’t forget to change them up over time to keep it fresh.

Add New Projects

Your profile has a section where you can list any projects you’ve been working on. Keep this updated regularly (review it every 3-6 months) to make sure people can see the latest things you’ve been involved with.

Post Regular Content

Just like Facebook and Instagram, the more you post, the more you’ll be seen by others. You can’t just ignore LinkedIn for 2 years and then post once and expect people to jump on it. Just like other social media channels, it has an algorithm so you need to post regularly to be seen.

Engage With Your Connections

We all know LinkedIn is about building those all-important connections. So why connect with people and then never speak to them? Comment on their posts, like their articles and message them if relevant (don’t be spammy though, no one likes a spammer).

Build New Connections

Back when LinkedIn started, people were told not to connect with people they had never worked with. These days, the world is small and it’s great to be able to connect with different professionals all over the world. People get invited to collaborate on projects because of how visible they’ve been on LinkedIn. Don’t ignore strangers when they request to connect. Of course if they spam you immediately you have our full permission to block them!

Ask For Recommendations

Don’t be shy – ask for personal recommendations on your profile. LinkedIn has given you the power to ask people to write a short recommendation, and most people are more than happy to do it – when they’re asked. This will help your profile to stay fresh and have recommendations for the work you do now, not the totally unrelated work you did 10 years ago.

Participate In Groups

Groups on LinkedIn aren’t as popular as groups on Facebook, but they are a lot more focused. It gives you yet another way to be visible on the platform. Being active in a group gives you space to show your expertise so get out there and start contributing!

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