HOW TO// Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

SMPerth // 11th December 2017

Having a LinkedIn profile is an essential these days – whether you’re a business owner, employee, freelancer or on the hunt for your next opportunity.

But how do you get yourself noticed on LinkedIn? This social media platform has over 500 million users, so being visible is no mean feat.

Here are some handy tips on how to optimise your LinkedIn profile.

Use A Clear Job Title

Don’t call yourself a ninja, rockstar or wizard of anything. None of these truly encompasses what you do. Stick to words that really describe what you do so people can tell at a glance if you are what they are looking for.

Complete Every Section

If there is a section for something, make sure you fill it out. Even if you only add a few lines of information, include as much as you can. People love to see as much as they can before they decide to contact you – make it easy for them to know that you are worth connecting with.

Use A Professional Photo

This is one of the biggest mistakes people can make on LinkedIn – not using a professional photo. It doesn’t have to be professionally shot in a studio, but just don’t use crappy images. Photos with other people in them, blurry photos, or photos from your holidays with cocktails in hand are best avoided. Use a clear picture, head and shoulders usually works well.

Add Links

If you haven’t noticed, you can add links to your business, blog, or clients on your profile – use these to showcase who you are and drive traffic to your websites.

Create A Custom URL

You don’t have to be stuck with /3q0y53ohfoety8w0tyw0/ as your profile URL. Set a custom URL with your name to make it even easier for people to find and connect with you.

Add Your Skills

Add as many skills as you can – but keep it relevant. No one cares if you once answered a phone in your work experience job if it’s not relevant for what you’re doing now.

The more relevant skills you add to your LinkedIn profile, the more likely people are to see something they can endorse you for.

Include Projects

One of the lesser-used features of LinkedIn is the option to include projects in your profile. Showcase projects you have worked on and include links where appropriate as well to allow people to see exactly what kind of work you’ve done in the past.

Ask For Recommendations & Endorsements

Don’t be afraid to ask for endorsements or recommendations from your colleagues, clients and business contacts. It’s always amazing how many people are happy to write a quick recommendation if you only ask them.

Share Awards & Certifications

Adding any awards you have won or certifications you have achieved will help to demonstrate your knowledge in your particular field. As with everything else on your profile keep it relevant. Did you win an award for biggest smile in kindy? Probably best to leave that one out!

Once you’ve worked through all these LinkedIn optimisation tips, you’re ready to get out there and start connecting with people in your industry. Write regular posts, add articles to your profile, and comment on and share other people’s content to build relationships. Because that’s what LinkedIn is really about.


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