Pinterest for Business // Strategies You Need to Know

Pinterest is a platform where people go for inspiration.

Whether it’s renovating, event planning, gardening or landscaping, Pinterest has all the ideas you’ll need at the click of a button. 

With all this great creative energy in one place, Pinterest has quickly become a highly influential force in peoples’ shopping decision making. According to a 2017 Pinterest platform report, 50% of people surveyed have made a purchase after seeing a Promoted Pin and 61% said they’ve discovered new brands or products from the Promoted Pins. 

Here are 6 strategies you need to know about so you can get Pinterest working for your business.

1. Take advantage of the articles and reports the platform provides.

The Pinterest Business page is a joy to behold for anyone hoping to get a foothold in the platform. There is so much information here that you would be mad not to take a look at some of the great advertising guides and success stories that the platform provides. The success stories are not only interesting, but also provide some great advertising tips (New York Life is a great read). On top of all this, the insight tab has some great articles, which cannot only give you great content ideas for your own boards, but will also let you know about the top trends month-by-month. It’s never been easier to create an exciting and engaging board that people will want to see.  

2.  Create a posting schedule so you’re constantly providing relevant content. 

As with all social media platforms, it’s incredibly important that you keep posting regularly in order to get maximum exposure. With 72% of people saying Pinterest helps them find ideas for everyday life, there is a great chance that if people are looking at your posts they will click through to your website or store. 

If you have special offers or sales coming up, it’s a great idea to use your products in content leading up to this sale. This will potentially give your sale a huge boost and allow you to see if you’re having any noticeable ROI.

3. Allow people to save content on your website using Pinterest 

While a common held belief is that social media is meant to drive traffic to your website, it can also work in the opposite direction. By giving people the ability to save images on your website to Pinterest, it will allow them to easily come back to your site later, securing some critical purchases that would otherwise not occur. 

Pinterest has made adding this to your website so super easy for you, again going above and beyond to provide for their business customers by having their very own Pinterest widget building service. This will give you everything you need for a website with easy to follow instructions. 

4. Ignore the “Pinterest is only for women” stereotype

It’s a commonly held belief the Pinterest users are all women, this however is just untrue. Stats from Pinterest themselves show that 1 in 3 US fathers have a Pinterest account and that 40% of new users signing up are men. While males might still be in the minority that gap is closing and you and your business should be taking full advantage of this.  

5.  Pinterest loves a long post

Most platforms like the images either square or landscape, Pinterest breaks that trends and lets your post long or tall posts. This allows you to get creative and create some content people won’t see on other platforms- any drinking straw company not on Pinterest is simply wasting their time in our opinion. 

While there is some industry debate over what is the ideal length of an image/graphic on Pinterest, the majority seems to think around about 600×1260 pixels is ideal, although pins up to 600×2100 can still work.

6. Use your referral traffic to improve your Pinterest activity, website offerings and show your social ROI

A great thing about Pinterest’s analytical offerings is that it allows you to track how much referral traffic your website is getting through Pinterest. This can be a great indicator of what products or services potential customers are not only saving, but are inspired by. This can over time show you which of your posts are most engaging so you can make more of the same. 

This is also a great statistic to look at when trying to analyse ROI and can be one of the easiest ways to express how your social media dollars have translated into sales.  

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