The guide to getting positive customer reviews

Your finest marketers and salespeople aren’t your workers; they’re your current customers.

Customer reviews are such a crucial aspect of your business building trust, but how do you go about generating positive reviews?

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In 2022, the trust consumers have with businesses is dwindling.

Customers trust recommendations from friends and family more than any other form of online marketing and advertising, which is why solid online reviews are more vital than ever.

According to HubSpot Research, 60% of consumers believe customer reviews are either trustworthy or highly trustworthy, implying that businesses with a high number of positive reviews have a higher possibility of influencing a client’s purchase decision.

Getting your devoted customers to review your items will: persuade others to follow their lead, provide other consumers with trustworthy information about your brand, improve your business’ Google ranking, and increase website traffic.

Here’s how to generate the right kind of reviews…

Ask for customer reviews

Don’t be hesitant to request customer reviews, and don’t wait for them to come to you! Automated emails can be implemented to invite consumers to review after their purchase, and paid ads can target customers asking for feedback. Social media posts can go live that share reviews from other customers to indicate that your company values and encourages customer feedback.

Make it easy for them

Making it simple for your consumers to submit reviews begins with getting to know them. What is their prefered method of communication? Is it better to send them an email, a text message, a link to your Facebook review section? You should request the review in the manner that they want. Don’t expect consumers to go out of their way to find a place to leave customer reviews. Make sure the link is supplied so they may tell the world about their wonderful experience with you with just one click.

Get the time right

It’s critical to request reviews from customers at the right moment, preferably soon after they receive the product. It’s a significant mistake to contact clients too late or too early. Experiment with timing, cadence, and messaging to see what works best for your audience and create an automatic programme based on the results.

Offer incentives

Encourage customers to post reviews by providing incentives that motivate them to take action and rewarding them once they do. Highlight positive reviews on social and make them visible on your website, which may inflate the reviewer’s ego and motivate others to want to be in the same spotlight. You can reward consumers when they leave a review with points, coupons, or discounts if you have a customer loyalty programme. Rewarding customers is not the same as paying for reviews, which is highly unethical. If consumers see too many five-star reviews, they can become suspicious.

Respond to ALL reviews

Some businesses avoid asking for feedback because they are frightened of receiving negative customer reviews. However, negative feedback isn’t the end of the world; customers want brands to listen to their concerns and respond with solutions when necessary. Responding to all reviews, the good and the bad, encourages people to post reviews by demonstrating that your company reads and considers the input. Customers will notice that their feedback will not be lost in the ether. People from your company are aware of the problem and are working to remedy it.

Include your employees

Customer reviews are an excellent method to obtain input to research and development, supply chain, and sales departments and a great way to produce free marketing insights to use in communication. When building an online review procedure, remember to include your coworkers and demonstrate the tremendous value that customers leave behind.

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