Conversations with consumers

Any brand that has a social media presence needs to be responsive to this communication, but sadly they’re often not.

Social Media Campaigns: Understanding the Metrics

If you are spending any money on a marketing campaign you need to know how it is performing – you want to know how effective it is, right?

Are you delivering the right message to your audience? 

One of marketing’s golden rules is ensuring your message is relevant to your customers.
To do this, you need to know where they are at in the buyer journey.

7 things to avoid doing on social media at all costs

When it comes to social media marketing, there are certain things that brands just shouldn’t do.

Retargeting: when enough is enough

If you spend a bit of time online it’s likely you’ve had the feeling you’re being watched or followed at least once or twice.

Social fatigue: when social media becomes tiring

Could you be giving your audience social fatigue syndrome?

How to Choose the Right Platform for Your Brand

You probably shouldn’t do it all, but how can we determine what it is we should be doing and where we should be focusing our resources in the first place?

Social media: is outsourcing a good idea?

Many small businesses and start-ups realise the value of having social media as part of their marketing but find they don’t have the resources to effectively manage their accounts.

7 Reasons Why Social Media Isn’t Solving All Your Problems

Social media has long been pegged as a marketing cure-all, but what happens when it doesn’t deliver? Here’s seven things you should definitely examine.

35 Content Ideas to Jumpstart 2017

Love it or hate it, content is at the centre of the modern digital economy and quality content goes a long way to avoiding the social media ghost town!

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