Which Social Media Platform Should You Be Using in 2023?

Social media is so much more than a trend.

Social media platforms are everywhere you look online nowadays, but which platform is the right one for you in 2023? 

Social media is now an essential tool for the modern-day digital marketer, and in 2022 there are many options to implement into your strategy.

With 39% of Australian social media users following businesses or brands on social media, it is imperative to ensure the platform you are using will meet your marketing objectives and not burn you out.   

Let’s take a closer look at some of the world’s most popular social media platforms. 

But first, who are you trying to reach? 

Before implementing your social media strategy, it is essential first to understand the who, what, and why of each social media platform because you really can’t be everywhere at once. 

From Facebook to Pinterest, every social media platform will offer something different. 

Each social media platform serves different purposes and targets other markets. That is why we have broken down the lesser utilised (but still popular) social media sites. That way, you can make an informed decision about which platform(s) best suits your business goals.



    Who: This one might be a little surprising, but more males favour Facebook than females, with male users accounting for 56% of Facebook’s users

    What: In 2022, Facebook is still an excellent choice for networking, keeping in touch with family, and even keeping up with news and current events. However, from a business perspective, marketing still remains the strongest appeal for Facebook. (Just make sure you’re on the lookout for misinformation on the platform). 

    Why: On the surface, Facebook may seem like a less popular social media platform in 2022; however, the social media giant is still the world’s largest platform. Due to Facebook’s sheer size and engagement rate, you should focus some of your marketing efforts on the platform in 2022. 


    Who: In 2022, YouTube remains the second-most-popular social media platform in the world, behind Facebook. Male users dominate the platform, creating or consuming content, accounting for 62% of YouTube’s user base

    What: YouTube is a video-sharing service that allows users to create, watch and share videos. Successful content on YouTube includes educational, product reviews, unboxing, tutorials, video game walkthroughs, comedy skits, and more.

    Why: YouTube is massively popular with mobile users. 70% of the platform’s watch time comes from mobile devices, and the average mobile viewing session is more than 40 minutes long. 


    Who: Instagram appeals mainly to a younger demographic. As of December 2021, there were 11,049,400 Instagram users in Australia – that’s a whopping 42.3% of Australia’s entire population. Of those users, people aged 25 to 35 were the most prominent users group. 

    What: Instagram is an app that allows users to share both photos and videos. Other features include Instagram Stories (much like Snapchat) and Instagram Reels (15-second multi-clip videos with audio, effects, and new creative tools similar to TikTok).

    Why: Not only is Instagram a discovery engine for brands, it offers touchpoints where marketers can drive action. Plus, Instagram Shopping provides a set of features across Instagram that let people shop photos and videos no matter where they are in the app.


    Who: TikTok exploded in popularity during the rise of COVID-19, and the video-sharing platform shows no signs of slowing down any time soon – with 1 billion monthly active users in 2022

    What: TikTok is a short-form, video-sharing platform where users shoot, edit, create and share videos on any topic. The platform emphasises rawness and creativity with filters, music, animation and special effects.  

    Why: To put it simply: TikTok is just unavoidable. If we ignore messaging services like WhatsApp, WeChat and Facebook Messenger, TikTok is now the world’s fourth-largest social media platform. Additionally, engagement rates on the platform are through the roof, making it something your brand should be adding to your marketing mix. 


    Who: Snapchat might not be the first social media you think of in 2022, but the platform is still wildly popular with millennials and Generation Z. 

    What: Snapchat is a popular messaging app that allows users to send pictures, videos and messages that self-destruct to individuals or groups of people. Because, according to Snapchat, “Life’s more fun when you live in the moment!”

    Why: While there are newer and flashier social networks, you shouldn’t count Snapchat out just yet. As of 2022, Snapchat had 557 million active users.

    Snapchat can also be an excellent option for us in the eCommerce space. As a platform that caters to Gen Z and younger millennials, it was found that Snapchatters are 20% more likely to make purchases on a mobile device and 60% more likely to make impulse purchases.


    Who: As of 2022, LinkedIn has 690+ million members, and 45% of these members are active on the platform every single month. As a professional networking platform, it’s no surprise that 43% of LinkedIn users access the platform from a desktop or laptop.  

    What: Designed for business professionals, LinkedIn is known as the world’s largest professional networking platform. Users can find other professionals and be found by other professionals in their respective industries. Businesses have moved towards the platform to network, connect and sell.

    Why: LinkedIn is a hotspot for B2B, and it’s also an excellent choice for recruiters and job seekers alike. While LinkedIn is the clear choice for job seekers and recruiters, its growing popularity among professionals, influencers and thought leaders offers much more than just networking. 


    Who: As of Q3 2022, 445 million people use Pinterest. In October 2021, 77.1% of Pinterest users were female, with a mere 14.8% male, with 8.4% unspecified.

    What: Pinterest is a visual discovery engine where users can ‘pin’ ideas such as food, decor, art, fashion, wedding, travel and much more. 

    Why: 97% of queries on Pinterest are unbranded, meaning users are not searching for a particular brand. Instead, they are seeking inspiration and innovation, making the platform an excellent choice for brands looking to be discovered.


    Who: 68.1% of Twitter users are male. 31.9% are female, with the largest age group being 25 to 34 (38.5%). 

    What: Keeping up to date with trends, news, and conversations is the primary purpose of this platform. It’s all about keeping informed and being a part of the discussion. The challenge of Twitter is being interesting and creative in just 280 characters.

    Why: As of the first quarter of 2022, Twitter has 396.5 million users. Additionally, 187 million of these users are monetisable daily users. 

    With Elon Musk’s recent takeover of Twitter, there’s uncertainty around the platform, especially from advertisers.


    Who: To date, BeReal has been downloaded more than 67 million times and 20 million access the app daily.

    What: Having fun with friends and not taking yourself too seriously. However, if you’re a brand looking to reach people on a new social media platform, we recommend steering clear of BeReal

    Why: BeReal is the hot new thing and is certainly a breath of fresh air in the social media space, but only time will tell if the hype last. Get in while you still can.

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