Which Social Media Platform Should You Be Using?

More and more businesses understand the importance of employing social media in their marketing strategy.

While statistics prove time and time again how beneficial social media can be overall, businesses need to ensure the individual platforms they are using are the correct ones for their marketing objectives.  

Before implementing your social media strategy, it is essential first to understand the who, what and why of each social media platform. Each social site serves different purposes and targets different markets. That is why we have broken down the lesser utilised (but still popular) social media sites. That way you can make an informed decision about which platform(s) is best suited to your business goals.


Who: Facebook is favoured by more females than males, and although most popular with ages 18 to 39, its appeal is evident across all ages.

What: Facebook has many uses. From keeping in touch with family and friends to accessing news and current affairs to buying and selling products and services.

Why: Facebook is the most popular social media platform with over 15 million Australians using the site.


Who: Consumers aged 18 to 29 years are most likely to use YouTube, and unlike Facebook, the platform appeals to more men than women.

What: YouTube is a video-sharing service that allows users to create, watch and share videos. People use YouTube for everything from education to entertainment.

Why: YouTube is the second most popular platform with consumers.


Who: Instagram appeals mostly to a younger demographic. Statistics show ages 18 to 29 years are more likely to use the platform, followed by 30 to 39 years.

What: Instagram is an app that allows users to share both photos and video. It also offers Instagram Stories (much like snapchat) and has just released IGTV which gives users a YouTube-like experience but with vertical video.

Why: Popularity of this platform is on the rise and definitely one to watch!


Who: Much like Instagram, Snapchat appeals to a younger audience.

What: Snapchat is a fun and creative platform. It allows users to share photos, videos and short text to individuals or groups of people.

Why: Statistics show that Snapchatters access the app 33 times respectively per week on average. This is more often than most other social platforms.

Social Media Usage Statistics


Who: Users aged between 18 to 49 years are most likely to use the platform and statistics show that men prefer Linkedin over women.

What: LinkedIn is a professional platform that concentrates on industry related material. Business orientated individuals use Linkedin as a way to network.

Why: While LinkedIn is the clear choice for job seekers and recruiters, its growing popularity conveys greater potential for promoting your product or service. A new LinkedIn account is created every second which joining the 4 and a half million Australians already on the site.


Who: Pinterest proves to be most popular with females in the 30 to 39 years’ age bracket.

What: Different from other social platforms, Pinterest users can ‘pin’ information for future reference. Its visual interface makes it a popular platform for discovering new ideas and getting inspiration.

Why: According to Pinterest, it has over 200 million monthly users, and 93% of those active pinners say that they use Pinterest to plan for purchases. Furthermore, 78% of Pinners welcome content from brands.


Who: Most utilised by males, Twitter is popular with the 30 to 39 years’ age bracket.

What: Keeping up to date with trends, news and conversations is the main purpose for this platform. It’s all about keeping informed and being a part of the discussion.

Why: On average, users access Twitter 23 times a week. Which, according to the Yellow Social Media Report, is the fourth most accessed social media platform in Australia.

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