Digital Marketing Self-Audit Checklist // FREE DOWNLOAD

A Digital Marketing Self-Audit Checklist is a great way to analyse your efforts as a digital marketer and understand the areas you need to improve on.

A self-audit checklist includes daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual checks. These cover a range of topics to ensure you are on-top of your brand’s marketing strategies.

If you’ve recently encountered a drop in website visitors or you’re struggling to generate new leads, now is the time to assess to get you back on top of things.

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What is a Digital Marketing Self-Audit Checklist?

A self-audit checklist is designed to help you become a better digital marketer. By auditing yourself, you will gain better insights about what’s working and what isn’t.

This is also a great way to hold you accountable with your work and helps you keep up-to-date with all relevant marketing materials for your brand.

Why do I need to complete a Self-Audit Checklist?

A self-audit checklist can improve your marketing efforts drastically and is ideal if your brand is experiencing issues in any of the following areas:

  • Your brand isn’t meeting its sales goals
  • Your website traffic has plateaued or declined
  • Your audience is not engaged
  • You are struggling to build your social media presence

This checklist also has a few short questions that will help you better understand your brand, and who your customers are.

How often should I complete this checklist?

We explain how often you should complete the checklist in our free download. After all, some areas in social media require more attention than others.

So, what are you waiting for? Download your free checklist and improve your digital marketing game!