Claire Oswald

5 Minutes With Sameera Afzaal

Each fortnight we’re bringing you ‘5 Minutes with’ some of Perth’s best digital people, and this week we caught up with Social Media Strategist, Sameera Afzaal.

How to // Share an IGTV video

IGTV is an amazing resource for curating content – but how do you share those videos with your followers?

How To // Add Links To Your Instagram Story

Adding a link to your Instagram Story means that with a simple swipe you can take your audience from a casual social scroll to direct interaction with your blog, promotion or product.

How To // Share Instagram Stories

A few months ago, Instagram introduced two new sharing features.The new updates allow users to share other people’s posts to their own stories easily.

Social Media Marketing: The Psychology of Colour

Intern-al Issues is a fortnightly blog written by our Intern Claire that looks at the latest issues and trends in digital marketing. Enjoy! Understanding the psychological effects of colour is vital when implementing a social media strategy. Colour can dictate how a person thinks and behaves and has a massive impact of the perception of a brand. […]

The Evolution of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories has come a long way from its humble beginnings back in August 2016.

Artificial Humans – question everything when it comes to influence

Meet Miquela Sousa, a model, singer, activist and Instagram ‘it-girl’. Oh and did I also mention that she’s entirely computer generated?

Tips to Be More Efficient on Facebook

While we understand how updating your social platforms such as Facebook can be an arduous task, the truth is it doesn’t have to be!

How to // Use Type Mode in Instagram Stories

Need more inspiration for creating new content on Instagram – what about text-based stories?

Use Images in Your Social Media Marketing – LEGALLY!

While we may have gotten the hang of handles and hashtags, do we really understand our obligations when it comes to copyright?

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