Meet the founder of the hashtag

When Chris Messina took his idea for something called a ‘hashtag’ to Twitter, they rejected it out of hand.

“They thought it was too complex and users would never use them,”Messina explains.

That was more than a decade ago and, as we all know, hashtags are now so much a part of our lives they’re on almost every billboard and at every event. There’s even a bar in Puerto Rico called #selfie. (If you’re in that neck of the woods and fancy a #mojito, apparently they’re really good.)

At the moment, Chris’s life is all about change. He said goodbye to San Francisco in February this year and became a “digital nomad” which is why he was in Puerto Rico for this interview. His current travel plans include Lisbon, Amsterdam, New York, London and Perth. (Naturally, there’s a hashtag; you can follow Chris’ journey at #MessinaOdyssey.)

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