Top Instagram Tips from Jenn Herman

Do you follow Octonation on Instagram?

If you’re not then, according to Jenn Herman, you’re missing out.

“His Stories are lit,” she said. “He’s so creative. I always use his Stories as examples of what to do.” Jenn is an Instagram expert. Her blog, Jenn’s Trends, has long been the go-to place on the internet for anyone in business looking for tips and advice on how to run a more successful Instagram account.

Octonation, would you believe, bills itself as “the world’s largest octopus fan club”. The account has more than 177,000 followers on Instagram and his Insta Stories get tens of thousands of views, so it must be doing something right. “I don’t even like Insta Stories,” Jenn admitted. “I don’t watch a lot of people’s stories. It’s not the type of content I like to create or ingest. But they’re hugely powerful for business. There are so many ways to use them – from behind-the-scenes or ‘raw’ content, to very educational content (like ‘how tos’).”

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An expert’s top Instagram tip for business