VIDEOS WE LOVE: Coca-Cola Social Media Guard

“The Social Media Guard takes the “social” out of media and puts it back into your life.”
From the folks at Coca Cola

This clever ad from Coca-Cola makes a bold statement about society’s addiction to social media and their mobile phones.

“Social media is great, it connects you to the world and the people you love” but sometimes we need to recharge our batteries and connect with the real world.

Presenting the Social Media Guard. Much like a head cone that dogs wear to stop them licking their wounds, the Social Media Guard worn around your neck prevents you from looking down at your phone. Plus, you can enjoy a refreshing cold Coca-Cola while you engage in conversation with you friends and loved ones.

Once again, a great statement by the trend-setting beverage ‘life-style’ company. You are bound to want a guard after this ad…probs not, but you’ll fancy a Coke!

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