10 Ideas for Your Next Instagram Post

Stuck for your next Instagram post idea? We’ve done the work for you. 

Instagram is a content-hungry platform. And it’s pretty easy to feel like you’re all out of ideas for your next Instagram post. But we’re here to tell you that it’s not all doom and gloom. 

Even for the most creative people working in social media, the pressure to come up with new and exciting ideas to post on Instagram can become a little overwhelming at times. It’s a fine line between being consistent and boring. 

Luckily, from stories and image posts to IGTV and more, Instagram is a fairly flexible platform with plenty of features and opportunities to explore. 

But if you’re feeling the pressure to come up with ideas, here are 10 ideas for your next Instagram post. 

1. Tutorials 

If you can offer your followers some value on Instagram, they’ll love you for it. Why not take the opportunity to teach them something? People love to learn and Instagram is a fantastic way to teach people on an incredibly visual platform. 

And what you’re teaching doesn’t even really matter. It doesn’t even really need to be related to what you do as a business or brand. If you have a product that works within a tutorial format, that’s great. But don’t let this hold you back. Have some fun with it. There’s no reason why a tech company can’t do a cooking tutorial.

Social media doesn’t have to be so serious all the time. Let your hair down and allow your followers to see the human side of your brand.  

2. Ask your followers a question 

Asking questions is a great way to create conversations around your brand or business.

And the beauty of questions is they can be about anything and they don’t cost you a thing? Plus, your followers’ answers might surprise you. They may even help you come up with ideas for future Instagram posts or even new products. 

3. Use Stories to your advantage

Many brands spend so much time focusing on posts for their Instagram feed, that they often tend to neglect their Instagram Stories. We’re here to tell you not to do that! Stories are a fantastic opportunity to capture your followers’ attention and redirect to your website or other social pages.

And if you’re really struggling for ideas, you can even use Stories to remind your followers about some of your previous Instagram posts.

4. Take your followers on a behind-the-scenes tour

Much like tutorials, behind-the-scenes tours and videos are a great way to show your followers a human side of your business.

People love getting a glimpse behind the curtain, so give them one. This could be a tour of your office space or even just a simple look at your desk setup.  

5. Embrace a daily hashtag 

#mondaymotivation, #tacotuesday, #humpday, #throwbackthursday, #tgif … hashtags are a great way to increase your reach and help get your brain ticking over and thinking up some content ideas.

Keep in mind that these hashtags we’ve just listed are pretty competitive, so maybe play around with some variation. You can even try coming up with your own hashtags and see if your followers jump on board. 

6. Product demonstration

We’ve spoken already about adding value with your Instagram posts, and product demonstration is a perfect way to do so. You could even go a step further and completely pull one of your products apart, giving your followers a glimpse into how their favourite products are constructed.

7. Run a contest or giveaway 

Here’s a shocker: people love free stuff. 

Is there anything better than stumbling across your favourite brand holding a giveaway? Well, with giveaways and contests, you could be that brand for your followers. Plus, giveaways are a great way to increase your brands’ follower base, by using shares, tags and comments as entries. 

8. Post an inspirational or funny quote 

While Instagram is all about images and videos, this doesn’t mean that people don’t love text. Put your graphic design hat on for a minute and start playing around with your favourite quotes in some interesting fonts and styles. 

9. Re-post some old content 

If you’re feeling the pressure to come up with new content all the time, the answer to your worries is simple: don’t. There’s nothing wrong with taking a trip down memory lane and sharing some of your previous posts, especially the successful ones. You could share them as a throwback or highlight them in a story.  

10. Share your followers’ content 

If you have an active follower base, one that really loves engaging with your brand, make sure you highlight them. Let people know how much your followers love your product by reposting some posts from your followers. 

Try setting up a branded hashtag for your followers to use when they share posts with your products. 

These are just a few examples of ideas to get your brain ticking over and inspire you next wave of Instagram content. 

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Instagram Content Prompts

Stuck for your next Instagram post idea? We’ve done the work for you.

Instagram is a content-hungry platform. And it’s pretty easy to feel like you’re all out of ideas for your next Instagram post. But we’re here to tell you that it’s not all doom and gloom.

Download our Instagram Content Prompts and you’ll have 45 epic ideas to send you on your way.

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