Hashtags // Everything You Need to Know for Instagram

It’s no secret that using Instagram hashtags will give you greater engagement than you would if you didn’t use them.

Did you know that that there are 25 million business profiles on Instagram? And, more than 200 million users visit at least one business profile every day!

There is a huge opportunity for brands to increase their engagement rate on Instagram. The social media giant has a 2.2% interaction rate – crushing Facebook at 0.22%.

The time is now to get the most out of your brand’s Instagram hashtags.

Here is the complete Instagram hashtag guide for business.

Why use Hashtags for Your Business?

Using Instagram hashtags can have many benefits for brands – particularly engagement.

Instagram users that use at least 1 hashtag in their content receive 12.6% more engagement!  With the proper use of hashtags, an effective hashtag strategy and maintaining a consistent brand presence, your brand could quickly increase engagement rates and organic reach.

Hashtags in the Comments or Captions?

Have a look at the two photos below and notice their placement of hashtags.

Which do you prefer – hashtags in the comments or original caption?

Hashtags in the original caption.

hashtags in caption

Hashtags in the first comment. 

hashtags in comments

Putting hashtags in the first comment gives your account a clean look. But, putting hashtags in the original caption can give you a slightly higher reach. According to Agora Pulse, when hashtags were used in the original caption the reach was 29.41% higher.

Researching Hashtags

Research your audience and your competitor accounts.
Go to the explore section on Instagram and type in the hashtag you intend to use. If you are just starting out on Instagram try not to use the most popular hashtags.

Instead, find a popular hashtag and search through the related hashtags. These hashtags will still be targeted towards your audience but will give your content a better chance of cutting through all the noise.

Check out the example below. We searched #Perth, which had more than 7 million posts.


We scrolled through the Related section and found a similar hashtag with fewer posts.

We found #PerthCity which only had approximately 550k posts.

Both of these hashtags would appeal to the same target audience, but #PerthCity would give your content a greater chance of being seen at the top of the feed.


Also, you can try searching Instag – a website that helps you find the best hashtags available.

Use Hashtags on Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are constantly updating their features to expand engagement with content across stories and feeds.

Use the hashtag sticker from the menu on your Instagram story post and it will go under the global story. A

You have access to more insights too. Just swipe up on your story and see all the views.

hashtag stories

What Not to Do

Instagram is really good at knowing when people are trying to exploit hashtags.  Below are some things you want to avoid!

Don’t use irrelevant hashtags.

Make sure you stay on brand as much as possible. Using a #TBT hashtag doesn’t really say much about your business. It’s perfectly fine to use one of these hashtags every now and then, just don’t go stuffing your content with hashtags that mean nothing.

Don’t keep using the same block of hashtags.

We understand. Finding a collection appropriate hashtags can be challenging, but don’t keep using the same hashtags repeatedly.

While you can get away with it occasionally, if you are constantly using the exact same block for every post, Instagram’s software may flag you as a potential spam account.

Is your brand on Facebook? What tips do you have to help grow your account and increase engagement? We would love to hear from you in the comments!


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