Choosing the Right Hashtags for Instagram

Tyson Spensieri // 11th July 2018

When you post make sure you use hashtags that are relatable for your audience as it can be a great way to extend your reach on social media.

Choosing the right hashtags for your Instagram account could be the difference in getting those few extra likes. It can be another avenue for people to view your post. 

Hashtags are a # sign used on social media to categorise certain messages and posts. It was primarily used for Twitter but with the rise of digital channels, bigger social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have also adopted it. Hashtags can help organise your content into categories which will help people find your posts faster and easier. Don’t use the exact same hashtags on every post you make – it could be seen as spam by the Instagram algorithm and it could affect the visibility of your account and what you post.

Relatable Hashtags

Finding the right Instagram hashtags to use is all about understanding your target audience and what they like. Find ones that people actually would search and is relatable to your posts. If you are a gamer and post content on the latest Fortnite game you won, you would obviously not be hash tagging #cleaneating. Find the common ground. Find out what you can relate back to the post and what you think will be popular amongst your community of followers.

Don’t rely on the use of hashtags that are too popular

You might have a chance of showing up in the Top Posts section but if you only rely on a well used hashtag that is generically relatable to a lot of content like #tgif (Thank God It’s Friday), you will definitely be lost in all the noise of mirror selfies and pub food posts. You still will want to make sure that you stand out and people will find it very hard to click on your post if there is a lot of content for a specific hashtag. The posts that do come up for the niche hashtags look very authentic as well.

Niche Hashtags

The best way to find these hashtags is to look and see what Instagram hashtags your audience, competitors, and relatable people are already using.  You might be surprised by just how niche hashtags can get.

Say you are going to post a photo of a Labrador on Instagram – instead of just tagging #dogs which has over 63 million posts, you could also tag #labrador or #goldlab which has over 6,000 posts.

This way your post will reach a more targeted audience of people who really love Labradors. Instead of hashtagging your post with every type of dogbreed (#dog), your post will now also be aimed towards Labrador lovers (#goldlab).

instagram #goldlab

instagram #dogs








This is a great way to reach a niche market and to reach your target audience without costing a thing!


Be sure to check out our post about why you should be following hashtags for more information.

We hope you have enjoyed this post on how your brand can choose the right hashtags for your Instagram posts.

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If you have any other tips on how to choose the right hashtag, feel free to leave them in the comments below to help others!


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