How to Perform an Instagram Audit [VIDEO]

Have you ever performed an Instagram Audit?

Wondering what an Instagram Audit is? It’s an inspection of your Instagram account to gather insights to help you improve going forward.




Check out our detailed post explaining how to compete an Instragram Audit..


Below is a snippet of our full-length post:

Weed Out Your Fake Followers

Fake followers make your brand look BAD.

Here are some things you should look out for when trying to identify fake followers.

  • A profile with “unusual” engagement rates. A legitimate Instagram account will have engagement rates of about 1.5-3% of their followers.
  • Irregular posting. A lot of posting for a while, but then little
  • Spammy and pointless comments
  • Blank, copied or hidden profile sections

If you identify fake followers make sure you remove them from your profile.


Identify Top and Low Performing Content

It’s perfectly normal for some posts to perform better than others. One day you will post something and it’s as if you’ve struck gold. Other days you’ll post something and you’ll wonder if all your followers have deactivated their Instagram account.

Analysing your content and gaining an understanding of what resonates with your audience will help you create more successful posts instead of failures.

Some things to consider;

  • Does your audience prefer videos over images?
  • Do you get higher engagement with a certain colour scheme?
  • Do photos with people in them perform better than photos without people?
  • Does having a call to action increase engagement?
  • Is your placement of hashtags a factor in engagement – comments or captions?

So, what are you waiting for? Complete your Instagram Audit and start smashing goals in 2019!

Have you completed an Instagram Audit before? What are some things you would suggest? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!