Instagram Metrics: track these for success

Without understanding your analytics, you’re essentially working in the dark.

Instagram metrics are crucial to gain insights into your audience and create a content strategy that drives results and converts.

Tracking and analysing your Instagram over time will clarify what type of content you should create to help achieve your business goals and build on success.

Here are the metrics you need to be analysing.

Audience Analytics

In the Insights tab of your Instagram account, you will find audience analytics, highlighting location, age, gender and most active times. You can tailor your content strategy and posting times around this data.

If you don’t know how your posts are performing, how engaging your stories are and what value your account is driving, all your time on Instagram is a wasted opportunity.

This tab also provides insights to follower growth, understanding what content resonates and doesn’t; for example, a significant follower increase after posting an Instagram Reel offers valuable insight to inform your future strategy.  

Feed Post Analytics

Likes, comments, and sends signal what content encourages engagement, saves show what content provides inspiration and long-lasting value, website clicks indicate stimulation to learn more, and impressions show how well a post performed with the Instagram algorithm.  

Story Analytics

Reviewing your Story performance means you can continue to create content that resonates; if the Stories with the highest impressions or reach contain a person talking to camera, it is a sign your audience enjoys this. When a Story is live, you can view insights and see interactions (profile visits), impressions, follows and navigation (back, forward, next story and exited). The “exited” metric indicates where your audience lost interest (which you want to avoid at all costs).  

Reels Analytics

As Reels is a new feature, the only metrics available are the number of views, likes and comments it has received.  

IGTV Analytics

You can filter and rank your IGTV based on the average percentage watched, comments, likes, reach, saves and video views. The videos that kept your audience engaged (high view count, likes and comments) is the content you should continue to create.  

Live Analytics

The only analytics available are available at the end of a broadcast, where you can see how many people tuned in.  

Instagram Guide Analytics

There are no analytics available for Instagram Guides; however, as they are a curation of existing posts, products and locations, views are counted towards the original content.    

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