VIDEOS WE LOVE: The Vendor Client Relationship

I want the highlights, but I can only pay for the trim.

#SMPerth April // The Video Version

It was a special SMPerth as we gathered a bit earlier in the month on board the Boat Collective for an evening on the Swan River.

VIDEOS WE LOVE: You Are What You Share

Time to use another part of your brain.

#SMPerth March // The Video Version

Guests joined us Tuesday March 28th from 5:30 to 7:30pm as we gathered for the latest instalment of SMPerth – Drinks for Perth Social Media.

VIDEOS WE LOVE: Toyota Venza Commercial

I have 687 friends. This is living.

#SMPerth February // The Video Version

Guests joined us Tuesday February 28th from 5:30 to 7:30pm as we came together for our first event of 2017 and welcomed in a year of full of excitement.

VIDEOS WE LOVE: Coca-Cola Social Media Guard

This clever ad from Coca-Cola makes a bold statement about society’s addiction to social media and their mobile phones.

#SMPerth November // The Video Version

What a night! It was our biggest #SMPerth yet and the start of something very special.

#SMPerth Year in Review // The Video Version

Oh what a year it has been! Thank you to everyone that joined us over the past year for a great series of #SMPerth events.

VIDEOS WE LOVE: Pinsanity!

When Pinterest addiction goes a few steps too far!

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