Why attend State of Social 2019? Because, because, because!

Close your eyes and imagine your dream social and digital marketing conference.

Now open them and snap up your tickets for State of Social 2.0 while you still can. Australia’s most unconferencey conference is about to get bigger, better and even more unconferencey.

If State of Social were a coffee, it would be a salted caramel and raspberry, triple-shot, full-fat mocha chocka frappe-latte-chino. With chocolate sprinkles. And cream. It’s Deadpool to other conferences’ Green Lantern. It’s an eloquent, engaging Obama to everyone else’s Peter Dutton… But we digress.

State of Social is the conference you’d design if you were a conference designer, except we’ve done all the hard work for you. So, here’s why you should grab your tickets, pronto.

Because brain food

No stale presenters spruiking stale ideas and products in some stale conference hall where the only light is the faint hope of morning tea, which turns out to be stale filter coffee and staler pastries.

State of Social is all about spotting the next big social and digital waves and helping you surf them. It’s a feast of learning, learning and learning, with a side order of learning, all hosted by the industry’s most brilliant minds at Perth’s Optus Stadium overlooking the Swan River. Bliss.

Because real food

Barista coffee to order. Sumptuous sweet treats. A lip-smacking luncheon. A sweet sundowner overlooking the Swan…

State of Social serves up a veritable smorgasbord of intellectual inspiration, along with a morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea menu that puts every other conference you’ve attended to gastronomic shame.

Because ka-ching!

As a rule, stumping up for conference tickets feels like a bit of a gamble. State of Social is the exception.

Your State of Social ticket is an investment that will bear fruit immediately, if not sooner, with adroit insights and actionable ideas from industry heavyweights that you can use to supercharge engagement, conversions and the bottom line.

Because Perth

If you live in Perth, State of Social is a one-of-a kind opportunity to attend a world-class digital marketing event in your own backyard. We’re bringing the industry’s best to you. You’re welcome.

If you’re from over east or further afield, State of Social is the excuse you’ve wanted to explore Australia’s sunniest, most liveable capital and most diverse state.

Sup a cold one in Cottesloe and watch the sun slip into the Indian Ocean. Hit the cappuccino strip in historic Freo. Go cellar door hopping in Perth’s Swan Valley, or venture south to the world-famous Margaret River wine region. Oh, and power-up your digital marketing prowess at Optus Stadium.

Because it’s you-nique

We’ve all had those conference nightmares, with an interminable roster of speakers going through the motions. We get it. We were sitting next to you. Yawning.

That’s why we created State of Social. We created it to shake up the conference circuit, as well as the world of social and digital. We created it to inspire and energise, with a rollcall of social and digital marketing royalty. We created it for you.

I’m in. Where’s my ticket?

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