Instagram Trends [VIDEO]

Did you know 36% of Australians use Instagram?

This figure continues to increase on a yearly basis! As Instagram continues to grow, so does the way we use the photo-sharing app. We’ve made a list of popular Instagram trends of 2019 to keep you on top of your Insta-game. 

From an increase in stories, the rise of Tik Tok, and shoppable Instagram influencers – we’ve got it all your Instagram trends covered!

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Below is a snippet from the full blog:


Stories are dominating. In fact, Instagram now has more than 400 million daily users! You can expect Stories to be leading the way when it comes to Instagram trends.

Instagram Stories display in full-screen and vanish after 24 hours – unless saved. Instagram Stories allow the creative juices to flow – there are a bunch of effects you can add to your Stories including stickers, emojis, music and GIFs.

Stories lets the user provide behind-the-scenes, authentic content to their followers. According to Instagram research, Stories have helped to improve communication with family and friends.

Check out below how people from Brazil, Indonesia, UK and US ranked the top three attributes for both Stories and Feed.


Just like we’ve seen with Facebook and Twitter, Instagram look set to take some huge steps to stamp out bots and fake accounts.

We’ve already been given a taste of this with the introduction of the “About this Account” section to users with large Instagram followings, and it’s now harder than ever to get verified on Instagram.

Have we missed any? What do you expect some Instagram trends will be in 2019? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!