Clubhouse for Business

Could Clubhouse help you grow your business? 

Clubhouse for business? No one thought we would be talking about an audio-only app being the next thing in social media, but could it also be the next big thing in your business.

The answer is yes, but we’ll also have to wait and see.

As far as social media apps go, Clubhouse is definitely still in its very early days. However, if early signs are anything to go by, the app looks like it’s here to stay, offering people all around the world the opportunity to network like never before.  

Clubhouse has quietly but steadily been gaining influence since it first launched in 2020. While some see Clubhouse as a competitor to Twitter, others see it as an entirely different concept altogether.  

Here’s what business owners need to know about the Clubhouse app and some of the ways that it might be relevant to you and your customers.

How to make Clubhouse work as a business

If you haven’t already used Clubhouse, the experience is a bit like being involved in an interactive podcast. 

So, how can you make Clubhouse work for your business? 

If you want to use Clubhouse to spark up some conversation about your business, you have a couple of options: start and moderate a room or start a Clubhouse club. 

As you might assume, a Clubhouse room works like a chat room. Rooms can be scheduled in advance, or you can start one spontaneously and see what happens. 

On the other hand, Clubhouse clubs are more like a community you create. Think of a club much in the same way as you would a private Facebook group. 

Why your business should use Clubhouse

The main reasons you’re going to want to use  Clubhouse to promote your business are networking, upskilling, and community engagement.  

Simply being active on Clubhouse (if you can get an invite) isn’t a ticket to instant business success. As is the case with all social media platforms, you’re going to have to put in some time and effort. 

Because Clubhouse is still in a beta phase, it’s hard to say just how much of an impact the app can have on your business; however, it offers an opportunity to experiment with a new platform and make connections with interesting people and generate leads. 

If you want to be successful, you should surround yourself with successful people. While that saying is true most of the time, it hinges pretty strongly on whatever your definition of success is. In Clubhouse’s case, a more apt phrase would be something like: if you want to upskill and grow, you should surround yourself with people who know more than you. 

When we say “know more than you,” this doesn’t simply mean smarter. More can also mean different. Clubhouse offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in conversations filled with new ideas, fresh concepts, and potentially game-changing business ideas.  

Whatever you’re interested in learning about, there’s a pretty strong chance people are talking about it on Clubhouse right now. 

You can also use Clubhouse to help others learn. There’s no reason why you can’t offer your advice (and business services) to people in need on the app.  

That’s one of the cornerstones of successful social media marketing: providing value. Whether you’re active on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or any other social media platform under the sun, you’re doing it wrong if you’re not providing some kind of value. 

Experiment with your own rooms and see what kind of value you can provide for Clubhouse users.

Why you should get on Clubhouse now

In the fast-paced world that is social media, early adoption is everything. The sooner you can join in on the Clubhouse conversation, the better. As the app’s user base is relatively low at this point in time, there’s an exciting opportunity to connect with some pretty influential people. More importantly, however, there’s a golden opportunity to position yourself as a thought leader on the platform before it inevitably explodes.   

How are you using Clubhouse to grow your business? Let us know in the comments below.