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Paul Parsons // 25th February 2017

A Slack community for Digital and Tech in Perth, join and start connecting.

‘Build it and they will come’, is as true today as it was when we watched Field of Dreams for the first time.

Building niche communities has always been a great way to communicate, connect and collaborate with other like minded people for years. We’ve all used forums & message boards, Facebook groups, Google Plus communities, LinkedIn groups and even WhatsApp groups to share and meet new people.

Being able to create a communities of like minded people online is one of the best ways to improve creativity, learn more and connect with people that can help you and people you can share your knowledge with. Enter Slack, one of the biggest SaaS success in recent years. primarily launched as an alternative to work emails and collaborating with your colleagues, it has now become much more than that with thousands of people joining Slack communities that discuss things they are interested in and not just discussions with work colleagues.

For those who don’t know much about Slack, it currently has over 4M DAU (daily active users), which is increasing by the week. 77% of the Fortune 100 use the platform and users are on Slack an average of 320 minutes per work day, that’s over 5 hours. Slack is currently worth approx. US$ 2 Billion which is expected to rise to US$4 Billion with a new round of funding and this space has been Slack’s for the taking and currently the only real competitor is the recent launch of ‘Teams’ by Microsoft.

So why create a Slack community for Digital and Tech lovers in Perth?

It’s a great way to connect with people and collaborate in a nutshell, but as someone who recently moved to Perth from Dubai – where I had been part of a few Slack communities for Digital and startups, I thought it would be a good way to build a network here and also learn more about our industry from those who are leading it, whilst at the same time create an online community for all us techies, geeks and enthusiasts.

I have created a community in Slack for Digital and Techies in Perth where we can discuss and share ideas and information on different topics including Social Media, Content Marketing, Online Advertising, Marketing Automation and more. You can register for free here:

Here are some great resources for those new to Slack:

Lists and Directories of other great communities:

There is an abundance of help videos and resources you can find here:

Slack is known for it’s amazing integration with other websites, SaaS tools and apps and you can browse the list here:

One of the key reasons Slack has grown in popularity, is it’s use of commands which are simple keyboard shortcuts to make life a lot easier. You can find a directory of the commands most popular here:

As most of the web is taken over by bots and AI, you will not be surprised to know that bots are also an amazing part of the backbone of utilizing Slack, here are a list of some of the best ones:

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