WTF is Dispo, and how do I get an invite?

There’s a hot, new app in town, and it’s … a disposable camera? 

Dipso, the new app from David Dobrik, recently launched a successful beta and has many people wondering exactly what it is and how to get on board.  

Before we can dive into exactly what Dispo is, we probably need to understand a little bit more about the app’s founder, David Dobrik.

So, who is David Dobrik?

It’s easier to generate buzz when you’re one of the biggest YouTubers in the world, and when it comes to Dobrik, that’s precisely the case. Receiving $4 million worth of investment money from Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian’s new venture capital fund, Seven Seven Six, also doesn’t hurt. 

If you miss the good old days of not knowing exactly what your photos will look like until you have them developed, then Dispo might just be the app for you. 

What is Dispo? 

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Dispo, if you haven’t figured it out already, comes from the word “disposable”. You know, like a disposable camera. But why?

Well, because the app sort of works like a disposable camera. Unlike a platform like Instagram, where photos are uploaded immediately, photos take until 9:00am the following day to “develop” on Dispo.

Yep, you have to wait a while to see the processed image, and there is no option to adjust, edit, or add filters to your pictures.

Here’s an example of some photos from the app, as you can see there is a grainy filter overlaid.

Think Dispo is just a clever name for a photography app?

Think again.

Dispo is more than just a name here. Everything from the app’s interface to the aesthetic of the images users capture leans into the film/disposable look of old. 

It combines the easy use of a smartphone with that nostalgic candidness that only film can provide. Plus, it’s relatively green, as users can create the aesthetic of disposable film without actually having to dispose of anything.

It’s important to note here that there are two Dispo apps. The original Dispo app is currently still available on the App Store; however, it’s not the same as the new Dispo beta. 

How do I get an invite to Dispo?

Dispo is currently in an invite-only beta stage for iPhone users only. Want an invite? Well, you may have to wait a while, as you’ll need a friend who is already on the app to invite you, and the beta launch has already maxed out its 10,000-person limit. Dispo’s launch has drawn some interesting comparisons to Clubhouse.

Dispo is definitely an exciting concept, and one that seems to offer an alternative to the overly-produced and editing world that is Instagram. 

Want to learn more about Dispo? So do we!

We’re still figuring things out as the app rolls out to more and more people, but why not read up on the other app of the moment, Clubhouse