How to Create a Facebook Event Frame, Instagram Event Geotag, and Snapchat Event Filter

Do you run live events for your brand?

If so, have you ever thought about turning your guests into brand ambassadors? A Facebook Event Frame, an Instagram Event Geotag and Snapchat Event Filter are a couple of ways you can let your attendees promote your brand on their social media channels.

In this post, we’ll show you how quick and easy it is to create these event-specific indicators.

Making a Frame for Facebook

With Facebook, you can customise your Facebook profile pic, page photos and stories with frames.

To make your event frame, you want to open up Frame Studio.

frame studio

Select Open Frame Studio.

facebook frame

Let’s get started. 

To create an event frame you need to upload your art.

create a frame

Next, fill out the required information.

required details

Click publish.


Once published ,you can find it on the Manage Effects screen. 

Click your new event frame and find options to preview it on your own mobile. You can also post it to your Facebook page’s fans.

Instagram Event Geotag

An Instagram Geotag lets brands see all the different content tagged to their location.

If you are running an event for your business in the future, a geotag will let your guests add your event as their Instagram post’s location.

optus stadium

To create a geotag, log into the Facebook app on your phone, go to create a post, and tap Check In.

check in

On the next screen, search for your event. If it appears, great! If not, you can add a new place by scrolling down to the bottom of the list to find the option to add a new place.

add location
add a new place

Next, you will need to fill out some information.

choose a category

Once you have completed these steps, go back to Create a Post. 

Select Check In and search for your event. Once it appears here you can use it as a Geotag for Instagram posts too.

Snapchat Event Filter

Much like Facebook, Snapchat allows people to use graphic overlays with their stories. But unlike Facebook, Snapchat requires you to pay to create a filter for your event on Snapchat.

First you need to go to Create Your Own Filter and Lens on Snapchat.

Once you have logged into your account, click on Create Filter.

snapchat create your own
create your own

From here, upload your artwork or you Snapchat’s tools to create your own artwork.

Once you are happy with your design, you will need to select the dates your want your filter to be available for.

pick your dates

You also need to select your location. This will determine the area in which your filter will be available.

Keep in mind, the larger the area, the more expensive it will cost you.

select location

Next, click Checkout.

Once you have entered the required checkout information, click Submit. 

Have you made an event frame before? We would love to hear your thoughts on it in the comments below!

How to Create a Facebook Event Frame, Instagram Event Geotag, and Snapchat Event Filter
Sean Huxley
Sean graduated from Murdoch University in 2017 and went from intern to Account Manager with Coffey & Tea. He also contributes to Social Media Perth.