How to// Schedule Instagram Posts with Sked Social

When trying to grow your brand on Instagram, consistency is crucial.

The most effective way of making sure you regularly post content to Instagram is to use a scheduling tool. 

The Instagram algorithm rewards content that gets plenty of engagement, so posting regularly is one way to help climb to the top of the already saturated Instagram feed. Posting regularly also lets you test different types of content to see which is more engaging to your audience.

We’re going to show you how to schedule posts using third-party tool Sked Social (formerly known as Schedugram).

Before we begin, let’s discuss some benefits of scheduling content on Instagram. 

Save Money

Scheduling content takes a few hours per week but ends up saving you time. It’s much quicker to sit down and plan a weeks worth of content instead of choosing something every day to post.

Better Captions

Scheduling gives you the option to write captions in advance. This helps to improve style and tone when you can see 7 different captions at once.

Delivers a Clean Insta Profile

Sked lets you post all your hashtags in the ‘first comment’ section. This allows you to post clean captions without hashtags cluttering the post.

View Your Feed Before Posting

You can upload your photos and move them around to see how your feed will look before posting. This lets you create a consistent style and theme for your profile. The photos are displayed on a smartphone mockup so you can really get a feel of how your profile will look on mobile.

Sked Social

We need to use a third-party tool to schedule content on Instagram. The program we’re using is Sked Social, which just recently changed its name from Schedugram.

Below are the prices to use Sked Social per month. 


sked pricing


Setting Up Your Instagram Account to Sked

From the Sked Dashboard click on Manage Accounts – located on the left side of the screen.


manage accounts


The Manage accounts page shows you all the accounts that are linked to your Sked Social account. If you’re setting up an account for the first time, you won’t see any accounts added.

Go to the bottom of the page and select the Add Instagram button.

A screen will pop up and ask you to add your Insta username. Once you’ve done this, click submit.

Once you enter your password, your account will be verified.

If you are unsure how to add your account, Sked has made a detailed post explaining how to add Instagram accounts.


How to Schedule Content on Instagram

Once your account has been successfully added, you are ready to schedule content. We will discuss how to use your own content and plan with user-generated content.


Your Own Content

If you are choosing to upload your own photos, click on the Upload icon on the left menu bar.




If you’re using more than one account, make sure you have the correct account selected. Follow the prompts and upload the file from your destination.

From here, a pop-up screen will appear. Click on Send to Drafts and click submit.


send to drafts


User-Generated Content

The best way to plan with user-generated content is to download the free Google Chrome extension – ScheduRegram.

Once you have downloaded the Chrome extension, you can browse Instagram from your computer and send any images you wish to share straight to your Sked Social Drafts section.

Once you have an image you wish to share, click on the Chrome extension located at the top right of your screen.

Make sure you save the post as a draft before you click Submit Post.


chrome extension


Now you can preview your posts in your planner and move your drafts to the preview area. Your own uploads and UGC will all appear in the order you saved them as drafts.

From the dashboard, click on Planner.




From here you can see what the feed will look like when the content has been published. You can click and drag the tiles around until you find a style that you are happy with.


planner view


Once you are happy with your layout of images, you can fill out the captions.

If you click on an image on the mobile screen, a pop-up screen will appear.

Fill out your hashtags in the First Comment section. You get a maximum of 30 hashtags.


edit post


Tip: If you are using user-generated content, Sked Social won’t let you post the content unless you mention the original username in the caption.

Once you are satisfied with the layout of all your images, you are ready to schedule them.  Ideally, you want to be posting once every 1 – 3 days on Instagram – so schedule accordingly.

At the top of the pop-up screen select Schedule and fill out the date and time and click Add to timeline.

Important tip: If you don’t click Submit Changes after scheduling all your images, you will lose all the changes that you made to your planner. See image below.


submit changes


You have now successfully scheduled your first piece of Instagram content!

Keep it going and plan ahead. You will save time, develop a stronger style and improve your results.

What schedule programs do you use? We would love to hear from you in the comments!


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