How to Manage Instagram via Facebook Inbox

Continually swapping platforms and devices to stay on top of social media notifications can get tiring.

Not to mention, things have a way of piling up really quick!

But as we all know, replying to comments and engaging with our community on social media is vital for building brand reputation and awareness – if you don’t know the importance of engagement then you should read this.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could manage all your messages, requests and notifications from one place? Well, you can!

One inbox

Enter the integrated inbox. A not so new feature of Facebook for Business, that not everyone knows about, but should. The integrated inbox combines all of your notifications from Facebook, Instagram and Messenger in one single stream. All your notifications in one place. How good is that!

No more missing comments when you’re busy or trying to track down the whereabouts of the response that you need to reply to!

You can also swap the view to see only the notifications from a single platform by selecting the icon for that platform. To see all notifications again you just select “ALL”.

Set up

Your business’ Facebook and Instagram accounts should already be linked, if not then head to the Settings on your Facebook page and go through the steps to connect them. Messenger is automatically connected to your Facebook account.

After linking the accounts, you will start to see your Instagram notifications in your Facebook inbox either in the ‘All’ tab or selecting the ‘Instagram’ tab in the top navigation.

You can use it on both the Facebook Pages Manager app on mobiles and tablets and the Facebook Page on your desktop.

Reply and organise

Responding to the notifications is easy too. Swipe or click on the notification to write your reply. By tapping or clicking on the notification you can also view the entire comment thread.

The integrated inbox is similar to an email inbox, with subfolders that let you organise the comments and other notifications. Select one or all of them and mark them as unread, to follow up or done.

Great for teams

If you’re not ready to reply you can save the notification to the ‘Follow Up’ folder or mark it as unread. This feature can also be really handy if you’re working as part of a team, allowing others to reply when you are unable and ensuring your responses are timely.

Team members that have access to business Facebook pages are also able to respond to comments on linked Instagram accounts via the integrated inbox, without the need to have direct access to the Instagram account.

Pros and cons

Not all features are the same as within the platform, and you may find some things a little limited. But there are other features, like organising the notifications into different folders and the time saved swapping between apps, platforms and devices that make it very appealing.

It’s not the answer to everything, but it does make organising notifications much much easier!