How to Use Instagram Live Rooms

It’s time to go live with a twist!

Instagram Live Rooms has just launched, offering a new way for businesses to connect with people in real-time.  

Instagram Live Rooms offer brands and influencers a fantastic new tool for reaching audiences, community engagement, driving website traffic, and increasing sales.

So, what’s the twist? Well, you can now go live with three additional guests.   

If you are interested in getting started with Instagram Live Rooms, let’s take a closer look at everything the new feature has to offer and a few of the ways your business can use it to connect with customers. 

What are Instagram Live Rooms?

As the name suggests, Instagram Live Rooms allow you to go live on Instagram. However, with Instagram Live Rooms, you can broadcast yourself and up to three additional guests.

Think of Instagram Live Rooms as a mini-conference that you broadcast out to your followers in real-time. It’s almost like a video version of Clubhouse, without the ability for new speakers to join in on the conversations.  

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How to start an Instagram Live Room?

If you’ve ever started an Instagram Live broadcast before, getting started with Instagram Live Rooms shouldn’t feel all that unfamiliar. 

To start an Instagram Live Room, simply follow these easy steps:  

1. Your first step is to open your Instagram camera and swipe left to the Live icon.

2. From here, it’s time to create a title for your Room. To name your room, tap the Left Aligned icon on the left-hand side of your screen. A title is an essential part of creating your Instagram Room, as it gives members an idea of what your room is about at a glance. 

3. When you’re ready to start, tap the Live icon. Remember: allow a few minutes up top for people to join. This is a great time to introduce yourself and set the tone for the room. You don’t want people coming into your room having already missed some vital information. 

4. There’s nothing fun about being in a room by yourself. To invite people to an Instagram Live Room, tap the camera icon to the right of the comments section. In addition to sending invites, you will also see people who have requested to join your room here. 

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How to use Instagram Live Rooms

Unlike going live, where you can only broadcast yourself, Instagram Live Rooms allow you to do so with three additional people. It is a tool that you should think about using in an entirely different way than you would use something like going live on Instagram.

While going live on Instagram is a great way to reach your audience in real-time, doing do from a Room offers you the ability to reach a whole new audience. 

Instagram Live Rooms In This Room
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Here are a few ideas to help kickstart how your business uses this new feature. 

1. VIP Experiences 

Behind-the-scenes content is always popular on Instagram. That’s what you’ll see brands running live tours and feedback sessions on the platform all the time. People love getting a look behind the curtain. 

2. Product demos 

If you’re a brand that works closely with Influencers, there is a high chance that you often send them new products to review. Instagram’s new feature offers you the ability to demonstrate your new products in real-time before, meaning that all of your influencers will be on the same page about how to use your product and how to demonstrate it to their followers. 

It’s a great way to ask your influencers some questions and get immediate responses that your followers can interact with. 

3. Remote group performances

Live performances are trendy on Instagram, especially during COVID-19. Live Rooms allow you to host group performances without all of your performers’ need to be in the same location. 

4. Q&A sessions

While going live offers a fantastic way to take questions from your followers, Live Rooms allow you to involve more members of your team. Instead of questions posed to just one responder, Live Rooms allow your followers to ask questions to a larger group and tailor their questions to specific people. Plus, if you get stuck on a question, you’ll have more brain power on your side to find an answer. 

Do you have some exciting ideas for how you would use Instagram Live Rooms? Let us know in the comments below!