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Sameera Afzaal // 19th January 2018

The caption of your Instagram post is the voice of your brand for your followers.

Instagram marketing is about visuals; good quality content, which includes both visual and text is the differentiating factor to growing a successful Instagram account.

Good quality content on Instagram is linking a robust visual storyline to a brand’s overall storyline.

Developing strategy for captions

  • A content map/ brainstorm/ mindmap all the different types of ideas you can Instagram 
    For example, if your brand is retail based your content map could include sales, product profiles and behind the scenes. Much like how you would brainstorm visual side of the content creation – this enables you to encompass all different areas you could showcase of your brand through captions.
  • Understanding your brand voice
    Who are you talking to and how would they speak to you about your brand? This means you need to take the time to understand your current followers on Instagram and the how you want to attract followers in your niche. Understanding your audience informs your brand’s storyline.Summer Fridays
  • Developing an Instagram storyline
    Post content map and brainstorming this will be easier to lead into your “story” through your Instagram feed. Promoting product, for example, can be phrased for the festive season but in line with your brand and relevant for your audience.

Tips for captions

  • Keep it short and sweet – grab attention and lead to call to action
  • Put the important things at the beginning of the caption – hook the reader in and give her a reason to tap more and take your time to edit and rewrite.

Image via HubSpot

  • Use branded and purposeful hashtags
  • Use questions where appropriate
  • Answer the who, what, why, how, when

Ideas for captions

  • Using user-generated content from your branded hashtags
    Take from what your customers are saying and integrate them into your captions and to grow your content.
    See how @coffeenclothes uses this technique.
  • Find opportunities to direct people to a link in bio
    #LINKINBIO serves as a call to action and connects your Instagram audience to your website. Putting in a call to action like this allows your followers to explore further.
  • Ask your followers to tag and share
    “Tag a BFF you’d share this with” – something along these lines encourages your followers to interact with your content.
  • Emojis and puns
    Keep things interesting, talk in emoji language or use puns to make things interactive and engaging.


Check out 10 INSTAGRAM POST IDEAS TO CURE CREATIVE BLOCK for content ideas and more tips and strategy for Instagram.

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