Use Instagram Guides to create organic engagement

Instagram Guides will get your followers commenting, sharing and liking.

No matter how big your following is, getting organic interaction on Instagram is more difficult than ever. But Instagram Guides are here to help.

Instagram Guides allow users to scroll through curated content from three guide formats: places (recommend places in your city and beyond), products (recommend your favourite products from your own shop or others) and posts (posts you’ve created or saved).

Instagram Guides

Here’s how Instagram Guides can help increase engagement and inspire social media users to connect with your content in a fresh way.

Brand building

Instagram Guides allow you to create your own unique story utilising your own posts. Guides can keep people on your Instagram account and prevent them from clicking away to learn more since they can explain your entire narrative. If your story or purpose is still in the works, you may add to your guide as you produce relevant posts or expand your Instagram store.

Promote a new product or service

If you think you’ve tried every promo approach available, Instagram Guides provides you with a new way to market your new products. Choose content that will excite your audience and build a launch-focused guide. The captions should include a compelling call to action. You can then share the guide in stories to generate more interest and engagement.

Answer FAQs with Instagram Guides

You can create your own FAQs section using Instagram Guides. Make a list of the questions you need to answer first and determine whether to utilise posts, products, or places, as they may all serve the same goal. Spend some time writing helpful captions and in the title fields, writing the questions or answers, and providing extra context in the captions. Every time you get a DM asking one of the FAQs, you can point the user to the guide for further reading

Establish brand authority

Combine posts into a single, roundup-style guide to develop your brand as an expert on a specific subject. Users who wish to learn more about your brand’s area of expertise may engage or shop by clicking on the related posts or items. This sort of timeless instruction is excellent for responding to DMs or posting on other social media platforms.

Demonstrate how-to

Instagram Guides combine several sources of information into a single piece of content. Sometimes a single video or a single post is insufficient to explain how to use your product or service. To develop a how-to guide, use pre-existing material corresponding to each stage or create new posts to fill in the gaps. Use the headings and captions with step-by-step directions. As this is likely to be evergreen content, you can share the guide URL on stories and even in a marketing newsletter.

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