Instagram TV is officially replacing IGTV

Same, but different.

Instagram TV has officially replaced the unpopular IGTV, but aren’t they the same thing? Well, yes and no and kind of.   

In a move that seems to be becoming more and more common for social media giants (we’re looking at you Twitter Fleets), Instagram has recently helped itself to a big old serve of humble pie, with the company rebranding IGTV as Instagram TV. 

Revolutionary move, right?

Yes, while the IGTV feature may be getting a name change, 60-minute videos posted to the platform will now be visible on the main Instagram feed, which was a feature previously only available on IGTV, and no one really used it. 

What does this mean for you? Well, for viewers, it means you no longer have to switch apps to view IGTV content. 

Instagram TV continues to be Instagram’s answer to YouTube, with a spokesperson for Instagram claiming that Instagram TV will be a “destination for people to visit with the intent of watching video.”

That’s a really convoluted way of saying, “It has videos!”

Instagram TV logo

What will Instagram TV look like?

While we can only speculate on just how much Instagram TV will differ from IGTV, it’s pretty safe to say there will be a big focus on integration. One of the biggest barriers that got in the way of people adopting IGTV was the need for an additional app. 

The world already has too many social media apps, and no one can really touch YouTube when it comes to long-form independent content. 

As of right now, however, IGTV is still available for download. 

Whether or not users will jump on board with the ability to watch videos of up to 60 minutes in length in the main Instagram feed is still yet to be seen. However, it’s a step in the right direction from Instagram.

We’ve already seen widespread adoption of Reels. Could Instagram TV follow in the feature’s footsteps? Only time will tell. 

Is monetisation the next step? 

If Instagram wants to be taken seriously in the long-form video space, the platform desperately needs to create a partner program. Without giving creators an incentive to use Instagram TV, there’s no content being produced. And if there’s no content to watch, there’s no reason for people to use the feature. 

Producing long-form video content is significantly more time consuming, expensive and harder than creating, for example, a Reel. Before content creators will consider Instagram TV as a viable platform, they need to see that there are financial benefits to using it. 

Does this mean ads during long-form content? It’s hard to say, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see it in the future. 

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