Change the channel and tune into IGTV

Utilise the luxury of time to showcase your expertise and build authority.

IGTV offers long-form, immersive video for the first time. Say goodbye to the one-minute time limit, rotate that screen, and tune in.

With Instagram video posts and Reels, you have to pack value, humour and creativity in just fifteen seconds to 1 minute! Yep, it’s just as hard as it sounds. On IGTV, videos can run between fifteen seconds to 1 hour, allowing you more space and more room to go in-depth on your business and products

 If you’re looking to dive into IGTV, we’re here with inspiration for you to get started.


1. Share how-to’s and product tutorials

If your business sells a product, the first IGTV to create should be a video highlighting how to use that product. Makeup brand Fenty Beauty makes the most of IGTV with tutorials and how-to videos, all self-recorded from iPhones. Pottery Barn also uses their IGTV for how-to’s, with topics including “easy ways to clear the clutter” and “four ways to style a very merry mantle”, using mostly animated imagery and typography.  


2. Highlight user-generated content

The Honest Company creates compelling, mini-documentary style IGTV videos with women talking about their pregnancy and how the brand’s products have helped them on their journey. The content is self-filmed; there is no flashy lighting and camera crew, proving that creative and engaging content does not need a big budget.


3. Create a regular series

Many businesses are moving towards episodic IGTV content. Cos does this well with their “Cos Moments” IGTV series, using brand advocates to provide their followers with expert tips and advice. Their most popular video in the series is how to flower press with a Toyko florist, which relates to the brand’s aspirational nature. The focus of the series is to build relationships with followers and not to push sales.  


4. Explore your company’s mission statement

Wellness brand The Beauty Chef uses IGTV to explore their overarching purpose and for their followers to become more familiar with their founder’s own story. While these videos are professionally shot, a less produced concept can easily be applied with a member of your organisation; you just need an iPhone and a compelling story!  


5. Repurpose content

If you’re struggling to create content for IGTV, give your old content a new lease on life. You can save your Instagram Lives, edit similarly themed Instagram Stories together as one long video and like the The Ellen Show’s Instagram account, edit your YouTube videos into a vertical format.  

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