Social Media Hex and RGB Colours

The Pinterest red looks like ‘fire engine red’ but you really need the RGB to make it look right on the screen.

Are you looking for the Instagram hex colour so you can add the logo to your website? …It seems like you’ve been searching forever, where the heck do you find this information?

Valuable hours you could better spend doing something else. It gets tiring, right? We got pretty sick of it too so we compiled a list of all the social media profile colours. No longer will you need to spend hours trawling the internet trying to find the right colours.

Below you’ll find both the hex(#) number and the RGB colours for all the social logos you’ll ever need –  well for now at least, we’ll have to update it when a new platform comes along!

Happy colouring!

Logo colours for major social media platforms

Facebook Blue
Hex: #3b5998
RGB: 59, 89, 152
Twitter Blue
Hex: #55acee
RGB: 85, 172, 238
Google+ Red
Hex: #dd4b39
RGB: 221, 75, 57
YouTube Red
Hex: #bb0000
RGB: 187, 0, 0
Linkedin Blue
Hex: #007bb5
RGB: 0, 123, 181
Instagram Purple
Hex: #8a3ab9
RGB: 138, 58, 185
WhatsApp Green
Hex: #4dc247
RGB: 77, 194, 71
Pinterest Red
Hex: #cb2027
RGB: 203, 32, 39
Vine Green
Hex: #00bf8f
RGB: 0, 191, 143
Snapchat Yellow
Hex: #fffc00
RGB: 255, 252, 0
Flickr Pink
Hex: #ff0084
RGB: 255, 0, 132
Tumblr Dark Turquoise
Hex: #32506d
RGB: 50, 80, 109
Vimeo Green
Hex: #aad450
RGB: 170, 212, 80
Foursquare Blue
Hex: #0072b1
RGB: 0, 114, 177
Spotify Green
Hex: #00e461
RGB: 0, 228, 97
RSS Orange
Hex: #ff6600
RGB: 255, 102, 0