6 SEO Tools For Marketing Newbies

There are many SEO tools you can use to help understand, analyse and implement your SEO strategy. Here are our top 6 tools you should be using >>

Getting started with Canonical URL

Canonical URL lets you use link tags to let Google understand your duplicate without reducing your rankings. In this post we will show you how to do it.

What is duplicate content?

Duplicate content and copied content are things we need to be aware to help with rankings. We explain everything you need to know about duplicate content.

Image SEO // Optimising Images for Search Engines

Here are 5 easy image SEO tips to ensure your website images are improving and not hindering your website. Plus you may even drive extra traffic with them!

SEO Tools Every Digital Marketer Should Use [VIDEO]

SEO Tools can help to increase your chance of reaching campaign goals. We’ve made a list of free SEO tools for marketers to help improve results.

Free SEO tools every digital marketer should use

SEO Tools can help you reach your campaign goals. We ’ve made a list of free SEO tools for social media marketers to help improve results.

SEO // Make Your Blog Work for You

A lot of business owners start SEO hoping that their rankings will eventually become so good that they won’t need to keep paying for Google Ads each month.

The Basics // Must Have WordPress Plugins

Wordpress plugins are great tools to improve the functionality of your website. Here are some WordPress plugins that every social media manager should use.

Does Social Media Influence Your SEO?

While having a social media account, or posting regularly doesn’t in itself help your organic rankings, there are signals sent from them which can influence what appears on the search results page.

15 top sources for social media news, tips and advice

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and just about everything else on the internet is constantly changing. It’s important to keep up to date with news, tips and advice about all things social and digital to keep you on the top of your game.

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