Instagram Stories Stickers for Your Business [VIDEO]

We all love adding stickers to our Insta Stories and sending them to our friends, but they’re also great to help your business grow online.

There’s pretty much a Instagram Stories sticker that can help you with any objective you’re trying to achieve with your business – whether that be to raise awareness, increase traffic, or to improve engagement. 

We’ve made a list of Instagram Stories stickers that are perfect for your business.

Once you’ve finished reading this, make sure you check out the full post that contains 5 Instagram Stories Stickers.

You can check out a little snippet below:

Mention Stickers

This is great to use if you’re working with influencers, other brands, or using someone else’s content. Make sure you give the appropriate thanks to who ever has contributed to your post.

This also helps to strengthen your online relationships and build trust among your followers.


Recommended for: 

  • Building your online community
  • Sharing the love
  • Showcasing accounts you like
  • Showcasing partnerships and influencer campaigns

Poll and Emoji Slider Stickers

Poll and Emoji slider stickers lets you discover more insights about your audience. The Poll sticker lets you ask a question for viewers to vote. Once someone votes they can see the results of the responses so far. See the example below of Plant Cartel asking their audience – “You love burgers?”

Emoji Sliders are similar but rather than viewers answering a question, people drag the slider to show how much they love they have for the question or statement.


slider emoji

Recommended for: 

  • Feedback on your product or services
  • Entertain your followers
  • Learn more about your audience
  • Increase follower engagement

What Instagram Stories stickers do you like? What is a favourite of yours that we missed?